Virtual Insanity - one of the videos that changed the world

Added on Sunday 10 September 2006, 06:30 (UTC)

Virtual Insanity was recently featured in music video magazine Promo in their list of the "25 Videos That Changed The World".  Part of the article reads...

"The video was born in a west London a meeting between Jonathan [Glazer, the video's producer], Jay Kay and myself [Mike O'Keefe - Sony Music Video Comissioner].  Three of us were sat outside while Jay skateboarded up and down the road shouting at us.  Jay wanted the floor to move so that he could demonstrate his unique dancing abilities in the best possible way.  Glazer came up with a very elegant solution to this creative problem - he decided to move the walls.""The shoot itself was extraordinary: a massive set being pushed around a studio by 25 people.  It took ages for Jay Kay to get it right: he spent most of the day being hit by walls and tripping over sofas.  "I think it took about 30 to 40 takes," says O'Keefe.  But when he did get it right, it was magic"

...And now Virtual Insanity is probably the holy grail for every male pop star worth his salt to match.  No doubt Justin Timberlake has watched it a few times.

A scan of the entire article is currently available from the downloads page of this site.

In other Virtual Insanity news, the video was recently listed at number 3 in a chart of "Campy Dance Videos", where says: "The whole floor moves like a treadmill, so Jason Kay got to invent new moves while fighting to stay standing."

Credit: Samantha Yemm

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