Runaway (in a moon buggy!)

Added on Monday 04 September 2006, 09:03 (UTC)

A couple of news stories have appeared about the video shoot for Runaway, which was filmed in London during the past few days.  The Sun newspaper (UK) writes (together with a photo)...

JAY KAY has always fancied himself as a Space Cowboy.

Now the JAMIROQUAI frontman seems to be trying his hand as a lunar explorer, complete with astronaut suit and moonbuggy.

In fact, Jay was in down-to-earth London filming the video for new single Runway – one of two new songs on a Greatest Hits album to be released later this year.

In one scene he pulls up to a garage to get petrol for his buggy.

Looks like he’s suffering from a spot of Virtual Insanity to me.

Additionally, the Daily Record newspaper wrote...

FAST car lover Jay Kay had to slip down a few gears while filming the video for new tune Runaway.

The singer was spotted in west London in the early hours in a moon buggy, which is so slow he had a police escort to legally drive it.

Credit: Samantha Yemm

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