Lokerse Festival review

Added on Tuesday 15 August 2006, 22:09 (UTC)

Dutch music magazine OOR published a short review of the bands' performance at the Lokerse Festival in Belgium from last Thursday (10 August).  Translated to English, the review says...

Only one band on the "Lokerse Feesten" proved technically better than Angie Stone’s group: JAMIROQUAI. The white Indian with the metal headgear and the Inca coloured poncho put down an almost scary strong set. Happily smiling, the self named Space Cowboy moves rapidly across the stage.

And what a fantastic band he has.

Not only do they manage to keep the groove continually going, they’re also allowed to perform solos as much as they want, and bring on one funky masterpiece after another.

At the best moments, the disco times of Chic and Stevie Wonder relive but also the fusion lovers are treated to their best.

"I can’t slow down" Jay sings entirely correct, and his band rages over the people like a funky high speed train.

Don't forget that there are great threads of discussion (including photos) about this concert (and all the others from the Dynamite tour) at

Credit: Marco Kleine Deters

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