Jay's hats - crimes against fashion?

Added on Sunday 18 June 2006, 08:28 (UTC)

In an article at the Sunday Observer newspaper (UK) website about bad fashion tastes, Jay and his hats are listed at number seven...

He loves a hat, does British funk's answer to Davy Crockett. Sadly, the initial spark of interest dimmed a while ago, and that crazeeee cat in the hat Jay Kay now seems a little dull and overdue a makeover. We've gone off his hats as well.

The list was written by the style editor of Heat magazine (UK), which is rather, er, "tabloid" should we say...

In other newspaper lists published recently, the destroyed Lamborghini from the Cosmic Girl promo video is listed at number 25 in a collection of "rock'n'rolls big spenders' at the Belfast Telegraph newspaper website.

Credit: Deesha Dyer, Samantha Yemm

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