"Buffalo Man" on TV

Added on Sunday 11 June 2006, 17:22 (UTC)
Pigamot -

It seems that over the years many Jamiroquai fans have got themselves buffalo man tattoos to show their respect and appreciation of Jamiroquai.  Well, if you watch childrens television in Israel then you may have noticed that one of the characters in the sitcom show Pigamot [Hebrew] (which translates to "The Pijama's") has a buffalo man tattoo on his arm, which gets lots of on-air visibility!

The show is about a really bad rock band (that part has no similarity with Jamiroquai!) and the guy with the tattoo (Oded) is the bands drummer.  The show is currently broadcast on the childrens channel, but they have recently finished filming the fourth season of episodes which will broadcast on Channel 2 - one of the largest channels in Isreal.

Have you seen any references to Jamiroquai in television shows recently?  Heard a bit of Jamiroquai background music, seen any logos, talk of the band, etc. etc.  Why not post a message as a comment to this news item and tell the world! 

Credit: Oded Paz

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