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Added on Monday 29 May 2006, 12:54 (UTC)

Jamiroquai drummer Derrick McKenzie has posted a new entry onto his MySpace blog talking about last weeks Rock in Rio concert:

Hey everybody how you all doing out there!!!!! The band has just come back from a great gig in Portugal where we played at the rock in rio festival. It was fantastic, the weather was great and the the location was also good for the gig. We arrived on thursday afternoon and had a couple of hours to chill out and then off to a soundcheck and get all of our gear prepared for the next day. But needless to say our engineers had a nightmare with the mixing desk, and basically had to start all over again setting it all back up from scratch more or less (poor them i was thinking). Anyway our two hour souncheck got dwindlied down to about 30 minutes or so but us porfessionals got through it, so all went well for the souncheck in the end. Afterwards it was back to the hotel where we had time to chill and take the evening off and hang out have some nice dinner and meet friends etc etc. then off to bed for the gig the next day. Friday morning i am up early and go to the gym and have a good old workout so i can wake up and get myself into the mood. We all have the majority of the day chilling till about 6.30pm and head to the venue get a bite to eat and then before you know it it's time to hit the stage and entertain the 80,000 people who are there. We had a great show the crowd seemed to appreciate it and get into it also!!!!!

The rest of this blog entry can be read at Derrick's MySpace blog. 

Additionally, following a number of comment postings on the set list news item here at, Jamiroquai guitarist Rob Harris posted the following comment:

i just thought i'd send this in response to some of the comments.the reason the set perhaps seemed short is that we were restricted to a 1 hour 15 minute set,there were some technical problems before we went on which shaved a few minutes off the start also.if you go over your allotted time on festivals like this you recieve a fine not too mention pissing off the next act....What you hear mix wise is down to the out front mix which of course changes slightly from show to show.On a festival we don't always get to soundcheck so levels may be off balance. anyway ,i just thought i'd put in my two cents worth.

We hope to be adding some new tunes to the set for the upcoming shows also time permitting.see you at the shows cheers

Finally, I have updated the recently added "auto blog checker" functionality on the site (on the right hand bar of the home and news page) to now display a single "box", which checks the official site (UK, US and official MySpace), together with the bandmember blogs and displays entries that are up to one week old.  It's now called "Jamiroquai Online".

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