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Added on Thursday 18 May 2006, 08:57 (UTC)
Rob Harris

OK, so a couple of days ago I added an "auto blog checker" to the right-hand area of the home and news pages so I wouldn't have to keep posting news items when the bandmembers update their MySpace blogs - however, I thought I'd mention the latest update from Rob, which clearly shows that the band are working extremely hard at the moment in the studio on the new tracks for the Greatest Hits album....

Thursday, May 18, 2006 - Tough Few days

Its 1.32am,we're still here in the studio.It's been like this for the last 2 weeks really.I leave my house at 9.30am and get home around 4-5am.Anyone who says this job is easy should.........Working on recording a song is sometimes like being on an archaeological dig.You have to uncover a little bit at a time or else the whole thing will be lost forever.Its been a few days of Not that we're digging up a dinosaur musically speaking .....Everyone's in the next room jumping up and down with excitement cos "WE'RE BACK IN THE GAME"Back slapping all round. I love music so much when we make a breakthrough.Oh well Back to work

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Yes, working hard!! Thanks for your dedication. We, the fans, are really really fortunate. Thanks Jamiro!!! Hope you been enjoying this moment!!

Rob, you're the best! I wanna hear these new tracks, I wanna hear these new tracks :) keep the funk

Isn't it wonderful being privy to what's going on in the studio ??? Seeing as we are imagining and living every second in anticipation of the new album, it is such a relief to be kept informed of the progress, with the extra treat of it being through the eyes and ears of Rob makes it a doubly special.

Thanks Rob for being so considerate, and naturally my family and myself wish you and all of Jamiroquai fun and funky times.

PS - As usual I'm having problems registering on the blog to leave comments and encouragement there. Is any body else experiencing the same ???

i want so much listen that songs right now..... thanks guys cos you put the soul in the work you do....thats why after this strong hours of work the final result likes to everybody.





i can't wait to hear that dinosaur!
(btw that's paleontological/geological work, not archeological :-P)

Being inside that studio would be an archaeological dig within itself.
Thankyou for the news Rob!!!!!!
All the best,

Simply magical! :)

the fact that they are struggling a bit makes me feel really good. knowing they won't just lay down anything just to have something. *keeping the faith*

heather - i think the only way you can leave a comment on a myspace blog is if you have a myspace account. so if you don't, you'll probably get an error message. besides that, i can't think of what the problem could be.

I stand corrected jamirokaki.Thanks

This is great to hear. Its also cool that us fans aren't kept in the dark awaiting news about the band's work. Thanks Rob for keeping us posted.

Rob- (I can't make a comment on 'Myspace' on work computer) You are wonderful, thanks for everything you do to keep us feeling involved and 'in the know' so to speak. Can't wait to hear what's been keeping you all up so late! Fighting the anticipation from taking over. Take care.

Hey Rob, it's a difficult work you make ! But it's worth ! You're in music history now and there is again so many things to write for you in this "book". Keep the faith in your blood and the love in your heart. I'm with you man ! Funkadelic

Lets Do This

And let`s put a Jamiro man in front of that new album!


Lets hope he found the digeridoo (sp) down there its been too long!

Anybody familiar with comedy series "The Mighty Boosh" might find Harris' comments quite funny (searching for the funk and looking for the new sound)...


Thanks Deesh, I've tried to register for a 'blog-what-not' account, it's that that is the process that I can't complete !!!

Any way . . . LOL !!! @ Rob !!! Don't mind 'geologist Jamirokaki', we all know what you meant, and loved it !!!

. . . yeah, BACK IN THE GAME, as if Jamiroquai were every out of it !!! *** Grins proudly ***


yesss we want the buffalo
man in the cover!!!

Made music for us!!! Thanks so much.

ohhhh my heart is racing in exciment everytime i see a message like that,i really can`t wait for the album, anyway the work that the do is not easy but i`m sure that they are doing the best for us, jamiro thanks for giving us a reason to keep in love with the funky music... I would like to see a message from jay...

. . . and while Santa is 'at it' I'll have a brand spanking new top of the range Mercedes, a month's five star vacation in the Rockie Mountain Range, a whole carrot cake (to eat now), and my credit card paid off (for ever).

Excellent! Thank you Rob for keeping us all updated with the funky kerfufflings and goings on within the studio!
I'm jumping up and down with excitement too!
I've got a hideous maths exam later but it can funk off because this has just made me soooo jovial!!!
*(dancing banana!)*

Thanks so much for your dedication, passion and hard work!!!! It means a lot for us all!!!!! We feel a little inside the studio,dancing our blues away...THANKS GUYS FOR THE MUSIC!!!!!
Rob...Loved your space, I'd like to post a few comments, but I seem to have a problem signing up...I'll keep on trying, anyway.
Thousands of kilograms of my love...

I agree your job is hard but you're hot.

Just for information - Derrick has posted a blog entry as well. Check the link on the right hand side of the home/news page.

&&& I wanna know &&&
&&& I wanna know &&&
&&& I wanna know &&&
hahaha d:D

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