Jamiroquai win MVPA award

Added on Sunday 14 May 2006, 08:09 (BST)

On Thursday 11 May in Los Angeles, the winners of the 15th Annual Music Video Production Association awards were revealed.  Jamiroquai were nominated in four different categories and director Joseph Kahn won the award for "Direction of A Male Artist" for the Feels Just Like It Should promo video.

The full list of winners can be found at the Video Static website. 

This is Jamiroquai's second MVPA award - in 1997 Virtual Insanity won the award for "Video Of The Year".

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I'm not fond of FJLIS video, I prefer (Don't)Give Hate a Chance! But I'm always glad to hear such good news :)

YESSS :-))))))

Well done, you've lived up to expectation, and you and him should be proud that you obviously worked well together to come out with a great outcome between the two of you.


Maye asked me to post this for her. She said 'Joseph Kahn deserves the award'.

Now all the family know and they are thrilled. Like all my family I love the FJLIS video. The whole house is celebrating today !!!

( . . . now there is just the minor question of the knighthood left for me to sort out . . . )

congratulations! although it's more of an award for mr.kahn, the band (errr...jay - being the male artist in question) had some influence on the director input, right? funny, for all the chatter about the american disrespect of jamiroquai (which i partly agree with), it's good to see them STILL nominated, win, and recognized throughout various programs here (grammys, pantheon, mvpa, etc.) - some which are *true* artist awards. not that awards mean that much, but still...we (including the people that attended the 10 or so sell out concerts here in the fall) aren't ALL clueless when it comes to "our" boys.

Good news :)

A wicked video, that was well recognized.

I love that video!

This is a truly fantastic video! Congratulations!

''feels just like it should'' lol
cool, is great to see a new award for the band

Congratulations to Mr Joseph Kahn, anyone who can put a sexy red dress on Jay and high heels really deserve an award lol.

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