Jamiroquai "Acid Jazz" style font

Added on Saturday 13 May 2006, 12:08 (UTC)

If you search around the internet looking for Jamiroquai-style fonts, there's one called "Jamiro" that keeps getting used on things from websites through to white-label record labels - one example being the white label of the Space Cowboy Mayhem and Musaphia remix which is about to get an official release.

I'm happy to say that the font, which is based on the original Jamiroquai text from the Acid Jazz "When You Gonna Learn" release has a replacement.  Jamiroquai fan Andrew Moulton from Australia has created a new TrueType font called "Jami Acid Jazz" which is much more faithful to the original. 

It does not include numbers but does include a couple of buffalo man symbols and to get the connected "r and o" as in the Jamiroquai text you need to type an uppercase "R" (jamiRquai).

Please visit the downloads page to get your hands on this excellent font. An image sample of all the characters is also available.

Credit: Andrew Moulton

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