Making Dynamite - part 2

Added on Sunday 07 May 2006, 18:37 (UTC)

Since the release of Dynamite almost a year ago there have been a few magazine articles published that detail a lot of the technology used to record and produce the album.

I have just seen an article that was published in Remix Magazine (US), shortly after the albums stateside release and thought I'd share it...

"And this was the first time that we played everything into Pro Tools and used it in that form," Kay continues. "Our past albums, particularly Synkronized, were never as punchy as the tracks really deserved. So we got in Mike Spencer, who is an expert with Pro Tools. When it came to drums, it made a huge difference. If we only used live drums, we couldn't compete against the people who are using machine drums. By mixing the two, it retained the live feel and made it punchier."Dynamite's pumped-up grooves are equal parts inspiration and manipulation. "Grooves come from me internally," Jay Kay explains. "Melody dictates tempo. Most of the time, I just give a pointer to [drummer] Derrick [McKenzie] where the groove should be. If you take a track like 'Love Blind,' there is a 6/8 part in that; it was recorded live, and the chorus is much faster than the verses. I feel that you lose that if you use a click. The 6/8 jazz bit jumps out of this hip-hop bit, straight out of the blue. I wanted to get that stuff in there — it shows that your band is a real band."

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Credit: Daniel Arvizo

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