Jamiroquai confirm European Summer tour

Added on Wednesday 19 April 2006, 19:57 (BST) has confirmed a number of tour dates for the coming months.  Additional dates are also expected to be announced soon.  The dates listed so far are as follows:

  • 26 May, Portugal, Lisbon, Rock in Rio
  • 02 June, Germany, Rock am Ring
  • 04 June, Germany, Rock im Park
  • 15 June, Russia, Saint Petersburg, Ice Palace
  • 18 June, Russia, Moscow, Olympiski
  • 20 June, Ukraine, Kiev, Palace Of Sports
  • 22 June, Georgia, Tbilisi, Philharmonic Concert Hall, Tbilisi Jazz Festival
  • 14 July, Netherlands, Rotterdam, Ahoy, North Sea Jazz Festival
  • 23 July, England, London, Victoria Park, Lovebox Weekender festival

Most of these dates have previously been announced, and in addition to confirmation of the Rock am Ring/Rock im Park dates in Germany, a new performance listed is at the North Sea Jazz Festival on 14 July which this year has moved to a new home, the Ahoy in Rotterdam.  Jamiroquai last perfomed at the North Sea Jazz Festival 11 years ago in 1995.

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I'm going to Kiev!! :))

ill be in ahoy!!!!



I'll be there in spirit lol - hope all that go have a great time!!!!!!

(PS: Don't forget Australia)

hey guys,
any word on Montreux Jazz Festival this year? Will they book it again? Would love to go.

Hey Samantha, your an aussie too? Where abouts do you live? I was at the Sydney concert late last year... unbelievable!

I was at the Melbourne concert - my first JMQ concert :) - had an absolute ball and can't wait for them to come back here soon :)


Don't forget Sweden!

Although I most likely will visit London 23/7 I really want them to visit Sweden again. In the end of October it's been 7 years since the last time they gave us a proper gig.

Do you think they will come back to Australia

beachcomber, apparently their only Swiss gig this summer will be at Rock Oz Arènes. The programs for Paleo and Montreux come out next Tuesday and Thursday though, so I've still got my fingers crossed!

I hope they will play a show in Norway aswell. They have never played a single show in our land. It would be great to see them here. But i will be going to London.

Yes Montreux, Jamiroquai's house! The festival will take place in the middle of july. The 14 july, the band will be in Netherland so it's possible to see them in switzerland the 11 or the 12! Crossfingers! Anyway, I'm glad to see them in North Sea Festival in Ahoy. I've got so much memories with the former concert! I'm also happy cause many countries will be able to see the band! Everybody's got the funk!!!

At last they're confirmed!!Can't wait tohave my ticket:))

Fingers crossed they might come back down to Aussie later in the year :)


dopeness about the confirmation of dates. here's to hoping they are back in the USA later this year or early next year.
happy for you ms.pepela - finally!!

I also hope they come to Montreux this year! :)

I'll be in Rotterdam at the North Sea Jazz, it's amazing! I went also to their concert in October last year, the greatest time of my life, I touched Jays chest! He's very muscular :P I'm enjoying it already!


Ahoy, GREAT!!!
Looking forward to it!!

AUSTRIA is not far away from germany...i really wouldn´t mind if u visit us :)))))))))
a little nice gig in a little nice country???
i will never forget the verona-feeling we had in heavy rain last year ...THANKS FOR THAT

The buzz in your messages is electrifying peoples!
If they can confirm Montreux, ill forfeit my holidays now for then! Sam, more than welcome to tag along :)

I believe the best way to describe his hat is one given by an argentinian Rolling Stone magazine reporter: "a kind of a rising sun with its steel rays covered by sequins". Quite original, right?


23 July, England, London, Victoria Park, Lovebox Weekender festival
cant wait

Yeah Cosmic, I hope they'll come in Paris or in the North for this summer.

SPAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To everybody who's going to Rotterdam : let's all meet there !!! Contact me [email protected]
Hope they will come to Belgium and Spain as well, want to see them 3 times this year, possibly after 2006 we will have to wait for a long time...

second time COME TO TURKEYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!

So, Tbilisi is confirmed!!! Wanna know how much do tickets cost? - $220!!!!!!

Bravo Peggy, Spain... Canary Islands - The Paradyse!!!!!!!!!

this tour is a HUGEEEE bitch!

J @ North Sea Jazz!!! Great Great Great!! This will be my second J "gig" after the great gig last october in Ahoy' Rotterdam :)

at last. georgia. WOW. dont metter the ticket price. this happance once in your life and in your city. great. thanks JQ.

58 days, that is 1,392 hours or simply 83,520 minutes are left till the Funky concert in Tbilsi !!!!!.. can't wait !!...

I have an information on Jamiroquai concert in Tbilisi.
The ticket will cost 400 Georgian Lari = 220 US Dollars. It looks like it is very expensive!!!
It is the information for this moment. If something will change I'll let know!!!

they are always in Paris, in the north or east of France never in southwest of France. Why?
they could come in bordeaux or in biarritz for example.

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