Jay Kay interview - summer festivals and Bahrain grand prix update

Added on Sunday 12 March 2006, 13:04 (UTC)

On the Vernon Kay show on BBC Radio 1 (UK) on Sunday morning, Jay was interviewed over the phone from the Bahrain Grand Prix.  He had to do the interview from a toilet because it was so noisy at the event (the call was made whilst the race was in progress) and he spoke briefly about the pro-celebrity race that he competed in (and finished in seventh place) earlier today:

"I screwed up my lines a bit today on the track...I think I ended up in Iraq or Qatar or somewhere...I was all over the place, it was terrible...I did get the fastest time the day before, but I think my co-driver lost me a couple of places.  I blame it on him anyway."

Jay said that they are off to South America soon and will be back to do some festivals over the summer.

"Absolutely, we're there - in full effect"

The full audio of the interview is currently available from the downloads page of the site.

On the ITV1 television coverage, Jay was briefly interviewed before the start of the main race and could be seen fooling around in front of the television cameras!

Credit: Sheereen Usman

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