Listen to Jamiroquai and study at the same time!

Added on Saturday 18 March 2006, 19:44 (UTC)

If you have ever wanted to study Jamiroquai then here is a great way to do it. Conrad Grebel University College, part of the University of Waterloo in Ontario (Canada) runs a music course called "Introduction to Jazz", and in their selection of sound files which are to be used by students during the course, Jamiroquai's "Hooked Up" is the one track chosen for the students to listen to when learning about Acid Jazz (PDF file, page 23).

The course where the track is studied is described as follows:

MUSIC 240 - Introduction to Jazz A survey of the development of jazz schools and individual styles as well as a study of melodic, harmonic and rhythmic improvisation. Styles will be demonstrated through recordings and live performance.

I think this is great that Jamiroquai have been chosen, together with an album track (and not a single release), to represent Acid Jazz in a college curriculum.

I know that in the past many people have created Jamiroquai themed items in art/design courses are school/college/university.  Have you created anything Jamiroquai related as part of your educational studies?  If so, please feel free to let the world know about your creations by leaving a comment here on the site.

Credit: Deesha Dyer

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