Jay Kay's Scottish home "wrecked" by wild animal!

Added on Sunday 12 February 2006, 08:52 (UTC)

A story in the Sunday Mail newspaper (UK) today (Sunday) writes that Jay's hideaway home in Scotland has been damaged by a pine marten - which is a wild animal similar to a stoat.  Part of the story reads...

The furry fiend chomped its way through the Jamiroquai star's croft, finally wreaking havoc in the kitchen.

The stoat-like creature knocked over ornaments, shredded magazines and left droppings all over the floor.

Locals spotted the damage to the croft, which overlooks Wester Ross, at Redpoint, near Gairloch.

A spokesman for Jay Kay said: "We don't know what exactly what happened although we have been told a pine marten has caused damage."

"Jay is in the States so I cannot throw any further light on it at the moment."

Credit: Samantha Yemm

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