Jamiroquai bootleg and mash-up mixes #1

Added on Tuesday 03 January 2006, 19:58 (UTC)

Many people out there enjoy creating unofficial bootleg and "mash-up" remixes of Jamiroquai tracks so what I'm going to do over the coming weeks is link to a few of the ones that I've found or been sent over the past few months...

  • First up is one that I really like - "Slow Cowboy", which places the vocals of Slow by Kylie Minogue on top of Space Cowboy.
  • The second track, "Beautiful Underground" ups the tempo a with a mash-up between Beautiful Stranger by Madonna and Deeper Underground.
  • Finally we have "Too Young To Boogie", a mix of The Jackson 5's "Blame It On The Boogie" and Too Young To Die.

All three mixes are currently available from the downloads page of the site so please have a listen to them and let the world know what you think by posting a comment here at

If you have a mix you wish to share, please upload it to somewhere such as and then either post a link to the comments section here at or drop me an email with the details.  I also plan to post another similar news item as this with more links in the next few days/weeks.

Credit: John Wignall, James Williams

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