Seven Days In Sunny June alternative edit full video

Added on Monday 02 January 2006, 15:09 (UTC)
Seven Days In Sunny June

A few days ago a news item was on this site about an alternative video edit of Seven Days In Sunny June.  Well, you asked for it, and here it is - the complete alternative edit of the video to enjoy.

Featuring a number of new scenes, including lots of Jay being thrown around on a trampoline, the video follows the same style to the original, but with a number of scenes moved around and some new ones.  There also looks to be less of the bandmembers featured in this edit.

To watch the video, please visit the Black Dog Filmes/RSA website, go to "Directors", then "Black Dog", then "Mat Kirkby", then "Spot Index", and at last you get a link to the alternative video edit.  If you don't want to navigate around the heavy flash designed website, then here is a direct link to the QuickTime video.

A "filmstrip" of this video edit is also now available in the music videos section of this site. 

Credit: Deesha Dyer

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