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Added on Saturday 31 December 2005, 18:12 (GMT)

A question... If you had to choose ONE Jamiroquai song to play at the strike of midnight on new years eve, which song would you play?

My choice... I think it would be "Alright", and preferably a live version where the crowd takes over and sings the chorus, as it brings back great memories from gigs.

Please feel free to leave a comment on the site and let everyone else know what song you would play (and why).

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Call me sentimental but at the strike of midnite, Id like the Godzilla foot to drop, and have everyone present going bonkers!!!!!

Nice choice Carl. Just get on the microphone and shout "Jump, Jump, Jump A Little Higher....." :)

So lets make this interesting David, from now till Midnite, lets see what song gets the most votes. A little "unofficial" poll, if you will. Alright [1] Deeper Underground [1]

Great choice David. One? Hmmm...I'd have to say a non- obvious 'Our Time is Coming'. The song just feels so good and the musicianship (yidaki, turntables, horns) is addictive (atleast it is on the version I have) and the words (jay - we party all night long: sola and jay singing 'our time is coming together)..It's how I feel about 2006 with many aspects in my life. I can dance all night to this song without a care in the world really. With love..Happy New Year everyone!

I think i'm gonna play Time won't wait cos it has such a good message which ties in with my new years resolution- to enjoy life to the full, do whatever i wanna do in life. Its also really funky and gets me dancin everytime!

Just wanted to quickly add that this news item was a suggestion from MsP - hopefully she'll come online shortly and tell us her suggestion...

I'd have canned heat, as it never fails to put me in a good mood, at midnight, you gotta live this party life, and dance your blues away!

I'D want to hear Just another Story.... Actually Id Want the song to start around 11:55, and then the solid part towards the end where the horns come in - right after "Pushin' that draw like you're superfly" - that's what i want to hear right at midnight.... In fact, i think ill do that....

Cosmic Girl has the right idea: Time Won't Wait!! The perfect New Year's Resolution Song! (and the best on the new album, haha)

time won't wait

I'd probably go for Alright as well. It's just so great at making you prance about like a jolly freak. Tis my fave track on the Live In Verona DVD and if i could I'd watch that at midnight but i dont think the rest of the family would really appreciate that, so it will just have to wait a bit.
However, to make up for that slightly, at the stroke of midnight i shall be eating a pumpkin-shaped chocolate - mwahahaha!

Revolution 1993

Planet Home live version...WITH horns.

Stillness in Time.. lovely.

okay - Ummmmm currently I'm going with Space Cowboy. ummmmm...but my original thought was Canned Heat, great intro to the year, then I went for Dynamite...ohhhh gosh, too many to choose!
But liking Carl Helm's choice of Deeper Underground. it's got to be a "bouncy" tune.
I'll be back at 11.55 with my final decision :D.
It could be David Gray's "December" though - HA! joking :D. Sorry am I rambling again???????
Just want to say thanks to Jamiroquai and everyone in the community, I think we've all been blessed with a truly wonderful year "Jamiroquaiwise". :).
Happy New Year everyone x

ohhh and thanks to David and Funkin for bringing Jamiroquai to the fans x

As for me, the perfect song is Light Years cause it reminds me old Jamiroquai area, and it's a great song to jump with everybody! it's a nice tune, very joyfull! But I must admit that Half the Man is also the perfect tune to spend the last minute of 2005 with the man or girl you love the most! Now, make your choice and Have a nice year!!!

Hooked Up

How i would love to hear that

My choice is Stilness in time, its one of my favourites.
happy 2006 from argentina

Alright!!!!! without a doubt . . . .a cracking tune!!!!

Stillness in Time. Or maybe Use The Force. Now I don't know. Love them both!!!
Happy New Year everybody!

My original thought was TWW because I turn 29 this year and I want to enjoy my last year in the 20's (long story), but after further consideration, I must say that a live version of Alright is the way to go. That song packs so many memories..."Yeah, hey. Alright, now (alright now), We'll spend the night together, Wake up and live forever..." I couldn't have put it better myself!

It would have to be Time Won't Wait

Probably I'd choose If I like it, I do it! That son is so refreshing for me. And when the sun is appearing again, after the party and the drinks would to play Morning Glory!

Obvious Choice - Stillness In Time! I can't get over how wonderful that song sounds to me every time I play it, and it would be the perfect way to start the new year. And then, Canned Heat for a proper "Get Down And Shake Your Funky Butt" song. I also like the DU suggestion, especially if it was a live version. Oh, why don't we just have a big Jami gig at the end of next year and get them to play the fans' favourite at the stroke of midnight? How cool would that be? :-D


good choice Dave, I agree.
I also like Time Won't Wait.

Time wont wait

If I Like It, I do It.
That song has been the soundtrack to my life


I would have to go with "Time Won't Wait," it only seems appropriate.

Twenty Zero One........................:-)

Ah, Stillness in Time, nice choice Ez and MsP.

Cosmic Girl! :)

okay, since 'our time is coming' is a cover..i'll pick a second which would be stillness in time or use the force...wait, there are no rules to this game, definitely 'our time is coming' then!

I think travelling without moving or electronic mistress!

for you
and me, of course

it was very nice :D

Canned Heat..definately! happy new year.

Planet home it my favorite jamiroquai song.

I WOULD GO FOR TOO YOUNG TO DIE. back to basics this new year, everything is a cicle, let's close this 2005 and start 2006 with what we had at the very first moment

(i mean album version)
the coolest tune!!!! i love it so much!!!!!!
J & Toby have written a genious melody!!!!
With Toby playing rhodes piano through wah wah pedal
and Stu's crazy groove.
and after that - "High Times".
with horns and Derrick's awesome beat!!!

Last night i spent new years at the Opera House (Sydney)
and they played Canned Heat and the place went off!!!it was definatly the best song to play!


maybe my vote comes a bit too late..but as I remarked this poll it was nearly 12 O'clock and I listened to Everybody's going to the Moon!! Brilliant song!!
If I had to choose between Deeper and Alright... sorry David.. but it would be Deeper Underground!!
And yes... thank u so much David for keeping all this fun on alive!! i wish u all the best for this year!!! ;-)

last night i knew the dj and he played for me "love foolosophy",lets just say that i felt like a jay kay for 5 min,and got chills all over my body!this can only jamiroquai make!!so thats why jami you are the best band EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, Chris!! Planet home with horns! It is a fantastic song which somehow doesn't get much attention I'm afraid. I LOVE IT!! THIS BASS IS SO COOOL!!!!

I think Starchild, we all need a Starchild!! Good vibes to everyone in the world!

Okay....amother late post but i only just saw this news item!
My choice would have to be either Funktion or Canned Heat..simply for there happy vibes!
Happy New Year to all the fans and especially David!

I'd probably choose time won't wait. Because it's from this year, it's relevant to time and it's a great song, one of the best on dynamite.

Stillness in Time! The essence of Jamiroquai for me. Happy New Year!

Hey... i did this in a party in 2000 with supersonic and twenty zero one in 2001. time wont wait would have been a good choice this year.

I'd have to say Time Won't Wait also.

didjital vibrations

Just Another Story for me :-)

Canned Heat !!!!!! or maybe even Alright :-)

Time won't wait. I love this song.

Don't Give Hate A Chance, because in 2006 we don't have to give hate a chance.

sorry its a bit late.....but lets pretend ive gone back in time!i actually did ask for a jamiroquai track 2 be played at 11.55...but the crappy dj said he dint have a jamiroquai track on gay!
for me,and the song i wanted 2 hear last nite,it wud have 2 b Space Cowboy...need i say more?on anutha note,ive sed this b4,but id love 2 arrange a big 'jamiroquai themed' meet up with as many as u groovesters in 2006...any of u up 4 this?lemme know...'[email protected]'....x


"When You gonna learn" that songs rock and it would be great , it also has a lot of energy. another option would be Light Years its a heavy song and it has a lot of energy and power it would be great. Happy 2006 from colombia

Just Another Story or Space Cowboy or Time won't wait !!!

But I probably would prefer the Jamiroquai version of Bad Girls.. I luv it!

Toot Toot Beep Beep ;o)

Or wait.. I redecide:

Shoot the moon =))))

mr moon easily!

also speaking of it,last night on Heart 106.2, i heard 3 jamiroquai songs,Cosmic girl 10 minutes after nidnight,virtual insanity l8a on, and space cowboy dave' morales remix after that

keep it funky n av a appy new year:)

This morning I was singin "Blow your mind" while helping my friend to clean her house after the party... To do do to do do... I really enjoy this song!! Wearin a funky hat and a kind of peruvian poncho, I just had the perfect style! :) Hope Jami will continue to blow our minds in 2006 and the years following!

canned heat, the funky one !!!

I'd have to say "Use the force" This song is soo motivating...perfect way to start the new year. 2nd choice...if I was at a party...i'd have to say "Electric Mistres" wicked party track...Happy New Year to ALL!!

A L R I G H T - why ??? Because it's appropriate a great en mass sing-a-long lyrics and rythm. And to quote other Jamiroquai songs to prove my choice I'd have to say this has been selected because: "It's automatic baby, and it feels so good", and when I read the question it was: "an instant gut reaction" . . . I just blurted out ALRIGHT without having to think. Happy New Year viiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiibes to you all, h :-))))))

Happy N Y all, and I'll tell you the song I played at the club I was working was, of course, Auld Lang Syne (spellcheck) and the "Feel so good." It built up even more excitement...

I don't think you could pick a more perfect song. I could just imagine everyone in Times Square as the Ball is dropping singing that song. That would be so cool!!!!!!!!

dont give hate a chance, i really listen that song after the midnight, in the start of this new year

I don't know!!!..... maybe I heard an explosion with THE KIDS!!!... or JUST ANOTHER STORY!! .. but, I realy love Space cowboy, my favorite song FOREVER! (What a Great album is it!!!).. BUUUUUUUUUUUT.. time won't wait is WOW!!, AMAZING!!!!..... for NOW, I guess must be this song to hear!

"Time won't wait" as the first song for the new year; then "Canned Heat" to get the right atmosphere to keep on dancing all night long.


I would choose cosmic girl


Virtual Insanity!

Before the year ends i'd like to hear Emergency on Planet Earth, i realy love that song (actually the entire album..... in fact all the albums or i should say ALL ABOUT JAMIROQUAI) and reminds me the importace of take care of OUR WORLD then, i think a mix of Starchild with (Don`t) Give Hate A Chance in the first minute of the new year, 'cos this songs say a lot of thigs very important to all the people (just like me or you) about the relation of the human beings with our faith and of course with another human beings. and with the atmosfere created i just want JUMP with Deeper Underground, Canned Heat and all these songs that give sense to my live, and you know very well.



Come on, no contest

Time Won't Wait

1.Stillness In Time
2.Time Won't Wait
3.Deeper Underground

I actually have done this the past two years.
I listen to Space Cowboy Classic Club mix while watching the fireworks.

Really difficult one..
For this past one I would have chosen "Don't give hate a chance" as I feel so much hate growing inside of me ;o)))

SHOOT THE MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shoot The Moon

Woo Woo Woo Woo, Wouldn't You Like....
To Shoot The Moon Tonite?

mmmmmm, very tasty!

Judging by the dates of the previous answers, I've jumped on the bandwagon too late! But I just had to mention that I was a DJ at a New Years Eve party in 2001 when Jamiroquai's Funk Odyssey album was out and I have to say after the clock struck midnight and I played Little L. The intro to the song is just so hot and commanding it got everyone's attention to start dancing into the new year.

Do you know where you are coming from
Electric Mistress

Shoot the moon or funktion

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