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Added on Saturday 24 December 2005, 10:57 (GMT)

The Official Jamiroquai website at has posted the following seasonal message from Jay Kay:

What a year 2005 has been for us all in the Jamiroquai camp.  As you are probably aware, we have just returned home after touring Europe, North America, Japan and Australia.  We've been out on the road for six months and have had a fantastic time.  We really appreciate the feedback and support we have been receiving both during and after the gigs - hopefully those of you who made it to a gig enjoyed yourselves too.It's been exciting for us releasing the new album and hope that you have managed to buy a copy or two to sneak in someone's stocking this festive season!  Let's make this Christmas "Dynamite"!  We're all now back in the UK to spend this holiday season with family and friends, which will allow us to recharge our batteries before we head back on the road next year.  We hope to see you all at one of our gigs in 2006.Thank you so much for all the support you've given us over the past year, it really means a lot to all of us in the band.  I have been saying it at all the gigs, but without you fans we couldn't carry on doing what we love - making the best music we can.Have a very Merry Christmas and here's wishing you all a peaceful 2006.Jay 

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I would like to specially thank Jay and the band for this great year. I wish all the best for them. They will always have our support for that they love and we love - the best music, the music they make.
Happy Happy Christmas!


Hi Jay,
I have been a FAN FROM THE BEGINING and I appreciate how you use your musical influences but you still have your own sound. I went to your show in Atlantic City and was blown away like I was the first time I saw you in 1997. You keep real music alive and the only other time I get the feeling I do from listening to music is when I listen to Earth Wind & Fire. Even though radio in America is not interested in real music please keep real music alive.
I have turned plenty of people on to your music over the years and you are very appreciated in my circles. I hope you come back to the US very soon. Much love to you and the guys and enjoy this holiday secson. To a successful and happy New Year!

This message just made my morning! Thanks Jay (and the rest of the guys) for the wonderful vibes. We'll be there again, front-row, at your next gig in NYC! Happy holidays to all of you who post on this message board and thanks David for all your hard work!!

Here's to a successful New year..!! thank u & the BAND... for everything!! x

yes claudia - definitely! what a year this has been, full of learning and discovery.i look back and laugh; look forward and smile. anyway, i'm stepping on a plane in a few hours to be with my mama, so david and everyone else...enjoy your holiday! love, deesh

Hi dear Jay and all the band.

I enjoy two gigs (Toledo and Albacete) this summer with my friends, the "Starchild Group". I,m happy for the goods news "tour 2006" ssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!!! come back to Spain !!!

Happy Cristmas, Happy New Year and... Thanks for your music again!!!

Peace, love and save the planet,

"before we head back on the road next year. We hope to see you all at one of our gigs in 2006"

I guess this remains our hopes alive to see them over here in the South America next year...

I'll ask this to Santa Claus, heheheh

As Fernando from Brazil said.... I have the same wish than him!
I asked Santa for Jamiroquai to come to Argentina, and all the countries of South America in 2006
God bless you alls, the band and the fans.

Great year for all the Jamiroquai fans! A magic album, a lot of wonderful shows all over the world, it's fantastic! All the time I spend with this band makes me feel happier and happier! I hope for 2006 a dvd live on sale and the most important, another Dynamite world tour (South America included) with HORNS BACK! Jamiroquai, you're simply the best!

Merry Christmas to all the band, and thankyou for our greatest gift; funk.

Merry Christmas to the band and everyone here in the fan community...this year was fantastic and 2006 is gonna be even better!

Truly this year for me has probably been the best year of my life, so much has happened and it's all ben aided by this band Jamiroquai, especially with the release of the album. Great to see a nice message from Jay. Happpy christmas everyone and wishing you all a happy new year. Hope 2006 is just as good as this year!

I've just found JAMIROQUAI(I know SHAME ON ME!!!)thanks to my lil'brother and since I listen to all their work again and again especially when I'm down(much better than prozac!).What a wonderful gift from my brother(for once)!!So I have to take my hat off to"Mister JK and his boys" for their amazing music CARRY ON because artists,like you,are too infrequent To concluding I wish you "UN JOYEUX NOEL ET UNE MERVEUILLEUSE ANNEE 2006!!"(a merry christmas and an incredible YEAR)

Thank you Jamiroquai for a truly magnificent year. you have made it the best year of our lives for so many of us.

Jay, you've done the fans proud, stick to your guns, if you need a break, take a break, the "Jay" we've seen off of "shit" is truly a betterman (Pearl Jam).

We are all deeply proud of you.

Happy Christmas to all of Jamiroquai - enjoy your families and smile broadly - you've made so many people happy and not many people can be proud of that achievement.

Roll on 2006, Jamiroquai's year :D.

It's Dynamite :D (eeeeeeee such a cool track!)

and thank you to Funkin - this is THE site - thank you so much xxx

Thanks for the greetings Jay and Jamiroquai, your album was a blast. Infact, the speakers in my (mom's) car have blown as a result! It truely was a "Dynamite" year ;o)

:oD Merry X-MAS and Happy 06 :oD

Thanks for your music which has been an inspiration to myself as well as thousands of others. Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday and Happy Twenty zero SIx.

ps. that was crap advice from the British embassy...GO TO CHILE!

Merry X-mas to you jay and I hope that your dog is feeling better. Thank you for your vibes during the gigs.

The same for You Too!
Love Buffel

...hope the dogs are ok!

happy new year jay and i hope rthe tour can come to latin american the next year
and obviuly i hope your dogs now are ok.
see ya
have fun

Happy Christmas and New Year Jamiroquai!
Funky times for 2006.

merry xmas funky jamiroquai fans!! heres to 2006 bein the best funky groovy jamiroquai year eva! keep it fresh n funky!!!!!

i hope you will come to bosnia again next year.....
couldnt watch u,family emergency..happy christmas to you too!

Dear Sausage and the rest of The Boys,
wishing you, your friends and families and all the Jamily around the world a very happy Christmas and lots of LOVE, PEACE and HAPPINESS in the New Year!
Dynamite has blown my mind, it truly is a magickal album!
Keep up the Funk Work! I will try 2 catch up with you guys somewhere next year. So, eat well and get lots of rest because all the people in South America want 2 see you!
P.S. Another London gig would be nice... ;Ox

In the name of Ignorance, Prejudice & the american Waste; Happy Holidays !

im am UBER excited for 2006, but man, jay is becoming quite a lame-duck in my eyes.
i agree with whoever said thanks for the ONE post a year.
sure hes busy,
sure hes cool
but is he to cool for his family?

i suppose if i made all that money i wouldnt contact the outside world either, unless it was to make more moeny

p.s. id love to hear about the goose down jacket again...keep you warm in canada? i have a few naked cousins that want their feathers back you sell out

p.p.s. keep making the music, stop playing stupid games

i suppose i make such comments to hint to them that they are a little out of their element.

best music ever, cant stop the funk, but thats all i liek about jamiroquai anymore. i used to idolize jay, until he become a 'shareholder' of sony ericskodjcbskhdcrapphone

Hi! Merry christmas Jay and I wish you all the best for 2006. Come back in France!!!

all i wish 4 is that your dog is doing well and 2 thanku 4 touring when he or she is unwell shell

Nice you're all back home in the UK, just gives me a cosy little feeling. Hope you're enjoying some time off (if you get any)... Not too much though eh??! Happy 2006, bring it on!! xxx

Jay! promise you'll be restarting the tour, and AS SOON AS POSSIBLE bcuz I'm leaving Europe for my hometome in Asia in April, and start to work, so worried not to be able to attend one of the me a favor:))) i'll be grateful for the rest of my life. At last wish you a loving 2006!

Hi Jay,
I would like to thank you so much for coming to Sarajevo this year!!!!I have been a fan from the begining ,and my dream came try seeing you!!
You make me feel like dancing:-)
Happy New Year!!!!!!!

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