Latin American tour cancelled

Added on Thursday 22 December 2005, 06:51 (GMT)

To follow up on the earlier story about Jamiroquai's cancelled appearance at the Vina del Mar festival in Chile, Radio Cooperativa (Chile) have printed a story with further information. 

In an interview with Mr San Miguel, one of the organisers of the Vina del Mar festival, one of the reasons given by the band was that "the group is going through a depression" that made them cancel the six concerts they had planed for South America.  He also said that there were signed contracts regarding the tour, although when organising a musical event "it is never safe as bands can cancel at any time up until the concert".

Until reading this story I was not aware that there were six concerts planned for South America.  We can only hope that the band spend the next few weeks recovering from 2005's busy schedule and return in 2006 stronger than ever.

Credit: Alberto Cruces

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Yes David.. you are right!! I also hope that they take their time for relaxing and then come back in 2006!!
Still, I hope that they don't overstrain because we want them coming back for the next 20 years ( and more!!!)

This is a big "Uh oh" for the U.S. which is the next planned stop after South America... I hope they don't cancel these dates too. This seriously worries me.

Oh Dear.. i sense trouble.. :(

6 dates? WOW. And this is why individual dates are never announced until later. We just saw them Pete, so if they don't come back, it's all good. But those fans in South America have been waiting and waiting and waiting. I hope they are taking a nice mental/physical break, spending time with their families and resting up to venture to South America in the not-so-distant future.

it's a shame for the south america's fans; i hope that Jay and his band would return stronger than ever in 2006!!

Oh is indeed sad news, I hope that the band feel much better in 2006 after a good rest :)

I can't help but feel sorry for the South American fans though :(

This does not look good. Could this be the end for Jamiroquai? Band depression and bad mouthing SONY. Sounds more like some one is fed up with the music business.

End for Jamiroquai?????
We all get tired, down and depressed annoying.

Annoying, you are annoying! Haven't you heard of good vibe zones?
Are you actually a Jamiroquai fan?


Sorry, I'm pissed.

Hi Sabrina,
Am I a fan?
Since my first concert back in 1993.
If you care to read posts, you'll notice the name of the author above me, with whom I am responding to.

I can't and won't diss you; I'll try to make you happy:
Here's to jamiroquai breaking up!
Hope that helps.

is not fair...
but I'll meet Jay and the band my next life.

Accepting the facts has nothing to do with how much of a fan I am, Sabrina darling. Being delusional and immature about the possibilty that our favorite band might be ending their great run is what's wrong. Not me putting forth an idea that differs from the majority. If you don't like it when someone presents a view different from yours, then tough!

People, people, stop the back and forth! Why does everyone feel the need to attack each other's opinion? If Jay decideds to take a break from show biz or end his career, then its something we are going to have to deal with. If the band comes back stronger than ever in 2006 (which I really do hope they will), then we will all be very happy, but right now we don't know what is going to happen, so let's stop going at each other's throats, shall we?

madito jay!!
se olvida de nosotros, los latinoamericanos

six concerts .. damn I bet that one of them was Mexico .. Jay come to latinoamericaaaaaa ...

This band will produce two more albums that will continue to blow us away, and they'll take a breath or two inbetween touring.
That is Jamiroquai; we got them, and they got us...


groovin`in the grass... check this web site

Jamiroquai, you need to know, with this deception I won't be again your fan. I'm so sad. You don't love latinamerican people because isn't a great business. Sorry, but I will leave the collect, buying your stuff and groovin' with you.

"Jamiroquai died for South America on Wed. 21st 2005"

In the words of the great Public Enemy, "Don't believe the hype". Take a deep breathe and wait to hear this information from someone besides the organizer of a festival before you let your blood pressure elevate.

JK Culiao, pide disculpas por lo menos

I reckon before declaring the end of the world as we know it just give the band a break. Imagine yourself doing 81 gigs over the world non stop (especially ones with as much energy as a Jamiroquai show cos it's not like they all just sit there giving the old guitar a bit of a stum), it would almost kill ya. Jamiroquai may have been a bit ambitious when they lined up South America. But Jay has probably decided that it's too soon after the world tour. The band just need a break it's as simple as that, and that way they can give the fans a better show when thay do preform!

come back to spain!!

I was very impressed with their attitude and energy at the Sydney, Australia concert. I was not expecting much after I glanced at their tour dates, It was just too much for them (I thought). But they pulled it off, I was over the moon (such good sports). Just hope they know I (and many others) were not disappointed. I could not even begin to imagine how exahusted they are at the moment. Damo, I agree with you 100% All my love to Jamiroquai, Nat...

Hi ivan uh,
I am British, and have lived in Latin America for almost 4 years. I love your culture and way of life, which is a far cry from my European upbringing.
Becareful when choosing the word 'all' especially those who you have never met. You'll be surprised how much we have in common.
Racism was born from the mouth of the ignorant, whose eyes couldn't identify with him / herself...

attitude and energy at sydney concert.*couch*. yeah right. did you see the band of the AFO tour?
and the dynamite album lacks alot of energy then previous work. i reakon we'll see maybe one more album and a greatest hits and tour and then BYE BYE!!!

To Zed:
Sorry for my comments, I think you're right but sometimes when i'm angry I wrote without think...
Really sorry, thanks.

ah seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

I feel some of your outbursts, but some of you are acting spoiled. Let's see - they've never came to my country where there are many fans, and they've came to my actual continent once I think. Plus, Mr.San Miguel or whoever is an organizer of a festival, not the organizer of the band.

Before anyone asks where I'm from (as if you care),it's beautiful South Africa.I just DJ and study in the USA for now.

This is proof I'm too old to DJ frickin raves!Memory is escaping me!I meant they've came to my country and my continent only once and many fans are here.HAVE TO SLEEP!

I would like to see you here in Peru. Usually the "important" groups choose Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and probably Chile. There are a lot of fans waiting for Jamiroquai here. Give us a chance.

Es una mentira, simplemente no vienen porq no les da la ganancia q en el resto del mundo, son una mentira.....


Yo creo que no lo hacen de chueco, los chuecos son todos los fans que en vez de creer que de verdad Jamiroquai tiene un problema, insultan a Jay despues de haberlo apoyado durante tanto tiempo solo por tener plata y autos caros..., mas desubicaos los chuchesumadre...y asi se decian fans de Jami...ojala que vengan el 2006 con todas las pilas que ver que los ingleses son racistas y como meterlos a todos en un saco...son algunos enferma la actitud de algunos...

aguante Jamiroquai, arriba Jay que tus fans de verdad estamos aqui esperando...

feliz navidad y harto groove para todos

Mr_Beer (A.K.A. Jorge Beher)

Give Ivan a break people, he said he's sorry and i suppose he's talking with his heart as many of us have done. It doesnt bother me that they cancel the la tour but that ppl say they're tired... come on they have 2 months to recover... these gigs were scheduled for late feb and march it's not as if they were going to come in the first week of january. Also, there was announcement made by the organizers of the tour that said jmq wasnt coming because of "health problems" this is a different version from the depression thingy and raises more doubts.

I just can say: Jay, come to Brazil as soon as possible!!! We'll waiting for so long! You won't regret... The Brazilian people will receive you very well.

JA! cancelo por chile, si hubiera estado en Argentina no pasaba, pero se dio cuenta de lo que son en chile y dijo: ahi no voy ni en pedo!!ja! chau chile y tu festival garonpa!


I have been waiting for Jamiroquai a lot of years. I'm from Colombia and Jamiroquai have never been here. Is a very very very bad new that they cancelled their Latin American Tour. I hope they change their mind and come to Latin America to let us enjoy their fantastic music.

I knew this was going to happen! this means that chances of them coming back to the US are slim. I am not a happy camperl!

Yeah right...
We know that kind of depre$$ion...

no coments...

vengan a la arg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i hope your dog is doing ok mr ja kay

check the news, and please, wash your mouth before talking about the band in that tone again.

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