Signed Ferrari Enzo models on eBay

Added on Wednesday 21 December 2005, 08:47 (GMT)
Some model Ferrari Enzo cars which are 1:18 scale and have been signed by Jay are currently for sale on eBay.  You can also buy the same models (but with Jay's signature on the actual car and not just the box) from the Grand Prix Legends website.
Credit: Michelle Bromley

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Sounds like a good chirstmas present!...(for me)

Personally, I would much rather have the REAL thing 4 X-mas.
But the question is: which 1? ;O)

I would rather have Jay....signed sealed and delivered!

they've been on ebay for about a year and half by the same seller

keep it funky)

Yeah, I'm not at all suprised that they've been available for a long time. There was a news item on this site from March last year about them being available at the Grand Prix website -

I would go 4 a WIN-WIN situation here: get the real car first and then go 2 pull Mr.Kay in it. I bet he would drop dead seeing a girl driving one of those cars. And then you come home and say: "Alright, where is my dinner, boss?"
Rafaella, do you wanna lift? ;)

Do I sound like I am made of money?!

The guy that is selling this is actually called Jason smtg.
Maybe it's Mr. Kay himself trying 2 get rid of some old stock...
Well, he has 2 make some space 4 that Grammy next year!!!

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