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Added on Monday 19 December 2005, 01:00 (GMT)

A review of Jamiroquai's final concert of the 2005 Dynamite tour from Perth (Australia) can be found at the X-Press Online website.  Part of the review reads as follows...

One thing about Perth is that very often we're the last destination on a group's tour and this does have its benefits. After so long on the road the band's as tight as they'll ever be and the show has become second nature to them. As opposed to so many anonymous stops along the way, the band know that tonight marks the end of the journey. So it's with a mixture of relief and celebration that they approach the show, but either way they're determined to make it a night to remember. Tonight was Jamiroquai's 81st show since the release of Dynamite and though you could tell the band were a little weary they still played great music and Jay Kay was as much of a ball of energy as ever.

Based largely on Jay Kay's effusive charisma and remarkable knack for writing great pop songs, Jamiroquai is at its core all about feel-good party music. And when you have a crowd that is brought together by a shared love for this, you're guaranteed a good night.

The complete review can be found at the X-Press Online website.

Credit: Marisa C.

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They said the encore was "Need Your Love" hehe I think they mean Alright

i wondered about that 2

It's true that you could sense that the band was tired but it was still one hell of a show. Just what I needed after so long with no Jamiroquai! Did anyone see the review of the concert in the West Autralian Newspaper on mondy? It wasn't as bad as that Sydney review but it still had some strange reporting techniques eg something about "Jamiroquai's music is for people who don't understand music and don't know what they like" I just don't get it?? I happen to be quite well educated in music and that's one of the reasons why I love Jamiroquai's music-because it's REAL music! Anyways I had the time of my life at the concert, a huge thank you to Jay and the boys for sticking it out and playing 81 fantastic gigs across the world!!

I think Alright sounds cool as Need Your Love. I mean he starts the song with that lyric, it could be like the beggining of a love affair and then in the end, everything is alright. Does anyone know this: in the lyrics on the CD it sais: you know is never never 2 say hello 2 forever. I keep on hearing NOW OR NEVER. This has been bugging me 4 years. If anyone knows the answer, please let me know. Maybe you know, David? ThanX in advance.

Need your Love? Black Capricorn DayS?! What is going on with this Eddie geezer?

Although I like his last sentence: "And when you have a crowd that is brought together by a shared love for this, you're guaranteed a good night".

Long live Jamily!!!

JAYQUETTA? Is this Jay's name when he turns into a trannie in FJLIS video? I must admitt, still have 2 see that one. Does he look good? ;0)

Diana its a misprint... the lyrics do say "now or never" :)

hey damo i read that article and i was extremely pissed by that statement. i love my music and i was really offended by that stupid ****. i mean does that idiot look at the top 40 charts and say this is all real music? gimme a break 90% of it is bull****! american rnb/rap crap going on about how much money and bitches they screw. at least jamiroquai is positive and has a real band backing up!

after readin this site for the first time i gotta say thank god that theres so many tru fans out there, im traveelin the world workin an bein a nomad and was blown away when i heard jay kay n the lads were comin to benidorm, spain just before i was leavin. 30 euro ticket and i was set for the night of my life. i think my latino comrades didnt know what hit them when the music startde an i pushed my way to the front row. they sang along n that but my appreciation for the fantastic jk was beyond them. jk sang cosmic girl to me an them are the memories that will last 4 ever. if by any chance jk reads this ha ha ha yeah right, i was the crazy chica on the front row singing wit u to the very end baby!

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