Perth concert review

Added on Monday 19 December 2005, 01:00 (UTC)

A review of Jamiroquai's final concert of the 2005 Dynamite tour from Perth (Australia) can be found at the X-Press Online website.  Part of the review reads as follows...

One thing about Perth is that very often we're the last destination on a group's tour and this does have its benefits. After so long on the road the band's as tight as they'll ever be and the show has become second nature to them. As opposed to so many anonymous stops along the way, the band know that tonight marks the end of the journey. So it's with a mixture of relief and celebration that they approach the show, but either way they're determined to make it a night to remember. Tonight was Jamiroquai's 81st show since the release of Dynamite and though you could tell the band were a little weary they still played great music and Jay Kay was as much of a ball of energy as ever.

Based largely on Jay Kay's effusive charisma and remarkable knack for writing great pop songs, Jamiroquai is at its core all about feel-good party music. And when you have a crowd that is brought together by a shared love for this, you're guaranteed a good night.

The complete review can be found at the X-Press Online website.

Credit: Marisa C.

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