Sydney concert photos and review

Added on Wednesday 07 December 2005, 21:26 (UTC)

Some photos from the concert at Sydney's Centennial Park concert on Saturday night are available at the Getty Images website.

A review of the concert also appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, which ends as follows...

It is classy, but not sweaty. It is attractive, but not sexy. It is slick but not engaging. It shifts the feet but has no impact on the hips.It is perfectly good music to drift in and out of whether you are tapping your fingers on the wheel of your late-model sedan while waiting for the lights to change, deciding between toothpastes in the supermarket aisle or standing in a crowd of mild revellers in a park.Nice. Not so different. Never unusual. Never mind.

Visit the Sydney Morning Herald website for the full review.

Credit: Samantha Yemm

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