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Added on Wednesday 07 December 2005, 21:26 (GMT)

Some photos from the concert at Sydney's Centennial Park concert on Saturday night are available at the Getty Images website.

A review of the concert also appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, which ends as follows...

It is classy, but not sweaty. It is attractive, but not sexy. It is slick but not engaging. It shifts the feet but has no impact on the hips.It is perfectly good music to drift in and out of whether you are tapping your fingers on the wheel of your late-model sedan while waiting for the lights to change, deciding between toothpastes in the supermarket aisle or standing in a crowd of mild revellers in a park.Nice. Not so different. Never unusual. Never mind.

Visit the Sydney Morning Herald website for the full review.

Credit: Samantha Yemm

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It's great to see all those people wearing hats in the audience. Judging by the pics, it was quite a remarkable day.

What's up with the review? Is he unimpressed or what?.....judging from the comments (57!) to the set list from the show, people seem thrilled - I, myself was a the Dublin gig and I was just as thrilled. How can you be so unimpressed by one of the best live on earth?

re-read the review, actually don't. It is clear and evident that this person is a weak freelancer who has no idea how to review his own [email protected]#$ing a#$s!

jamiroquai isn't for everyone, and that's cool with me for anyone to express that freely. considering that, he's not that good of a writer. it took about 2 paragraphs to get to the subject which he was to be reviewing: the concert. secondly, bernard is notorious for saying lots of stuff to fill up space and not really saying nothing relating to the article. try reading his opinion pieces. the same fluff, ramblings and left field thoughts that make no damn sense. it's all good. keep it movin'...

What a stupid review.I think he needs you use that tooth paste to clean his ears out loser.

After reading the review, it's all kind of clear to me now: some people will never change. They should never get involved in it in the first place! In this guys case writing is simply not for him! Julie, you are a true star! Tooth paste to clean his hears out....HAHAHA. x. if I may?


Awesome photos! Love the ones of the crowd-would love to be in that audience!!

the review: Stupid & yes disappointing-oh well

What the hell does this guy want!!
i know he's a critic but your not going to get a tighter more talented and experienced band than jamiroquai. Compared to the crap that flits in and out of the charts nowadays there a godsend.

it is how it is and always was
his comments were abrubt, but hes from austrailia and ive learned in my 21 years that thats just how it is. i dont disagree with the writer and i dont agree with him. as ive noted before, i went to the atlantic city gig. it was great to finally see them live. i got drunk i danced, and that was that.
but the concert was lacking SO much. it sucks to go to a concert knowing what songs the group will play. im starting to loose a great deal of respect for the group just because the lack of difference in the setlists is boorish. why would i go to see em when i know im getting a better deal watching verona? at least in verona, the band showed what they truly are. they were a tough band, the weather couldnt stop em, they gave it their all and all that jazz. in atlantic city, the music/band was "dead-on" but it was the same old SHIT(used loosely, to represent repitition). now i know i can name a few folks who will have a problem and comment to me directly, which is fine.
but what im trying to get across is hes a reporter from the outside looking in. my friend who went with me was not a fan, and he too was on the outside looking in. he loved the music and the oppurtunity to hear a live band, but hes been to many concerts and he an i both agreed, driving home quasi drunk on the atlantic city expressway, that it lacked oomf(effort). we loved it, but it didnt suprise us (the only suprise of the night was finding out i could gamble before i was 21)

honestly, how many folks would go to a speech if you already knew what the dude was gonna say, almost word for word?
how many of you would pay 50 dollars to go to a hockey game, or some other sport, if you already knew the outcome
finally, how many of you would buy eope, rotsc, twm, synk, funk od and dynamite 2 times over? didnt think so

congratulations to jamiroquai for gifting us all with a little foresight..

in closing, my heart still belongs to quai, but my mind is moving on to new ventures

i open the table to debate

and i agree with russ but there is plenty of bands out there who arent afraid to throw a little spice into the mixture. a little spice isnt replacing one or two songs with another.

^about the sports comment..i do! i tickets to a losing football team in my city (the philadelphia eagles), yet i still go. i have tickets to a losing basketball team in my city (the philadelphia 76ers) and i still go! i go because i love the sport and i love my city, and no matter if they win or lose, i still have a good time :) this comment is to inject humor and not to be taken that seriously! it's not what he said that got to me - it was the poor writing and how he said it, that's all. then again, i'm critical for other reasons. my mind has always been on new ventures, new music. it's a lovely thing...different strokes for different folks, it's all good.

i hear ya deesh, im from illadelph too, and im supportive. but we as jamiroquai fans have to be honest with ourselves. we are all obscessed with jamiroquai. jay could sit on the stage and fart in the mic and half of the people would love it.

when the eagles(iggles) are playing shitty we admit the eagles are playin shitty (went to the flyers game the other week and on the way out a few vendors were selling "eagles are playing like shit, have another beer" t-shirts). i suppose maybe what im sayin each individual concert jamiroquai plays is pretty damn good, but as a whole, they are acting like a fairly shitty band. i suppose i say THAT becuase i know what they are capable and i know their entire catalog inside and out. i liked every song they played but i also knew they'd play each and everyone of them. it was like verona times .3

and as ive said before, i woulda followed them all across the states but i knew it woulda been the same ol same ol. the only thing new would be the venue

dont doubt, tho, that i got down
cuz i rocked it while it lasted

haha...the eagles...

"this is the year"

word. haha...'this is the year'- yeah right! i know us philly people love to curse, but watch your language on here! i hear what you are saying...different people get joy different ways (whether its multiple concerts or whatever), and it's cool. i'm happy you ultimately had a good time in Atantic City!

definitly a good time.
sorry for my profanity, i should move to london

I cant believe people are agreeing with this loser of a reviewer and that some of you are saying that Jay is losing his touch - are you mad??? I was blessed to have the chance to go to the outdoor concert in Melbourne on Nov 25th and had the best night of my life. I didnt sit down once (no-one did for that matter), the set list was brilliant (how could it not be!) and after 10mths on the road and obviously knackered Jay didnt let us down for 1 minute. The crowd went crazy and I had many teary-eyed moments. It was the best concert I've ever been to and nothing could top it. Whats wrong wth you so-called fans!

God bless you Jay Kay, you're the coolest dude on the planet! Dont like the rumours going around about you retiring!!

I just read that "review", it's so stupid especially that bit about The art of Jamiroquai is to convince you that you are getting a funk and soul show...success of Jamiroquai is in finding an audience impressed by this. I wouldn't even classify this crap as a review its just the opinion of someone who doesn't have a clue about what REAL music is!
What an idiot.

Here, Here!

true, opinions do suck
but what else would we be griping about if there wasnt an indifference? viva le debate

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