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Added on Thursday 01 December 2005, 13:54 (GMT)

After a couple of technical difficulties with the website, two "new" entries into the Official Jamiroquai Tour Diary have just gone live, written by Matt between the US and Japanese tour legs.

"Last night I gatecrashed Napsters Christmas party with an ex-pat who works for OK magazine. We got loaded very quickly on their free booze and then went into the Roosevelt hotel where everyone is too cool for school. LA is a crazy place, great to visit but I don't know if I could take the madness full time."

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as if they would need the money...!!!they must be kidding!! :-) hehe
Anyway.. I think it's soo cool to read about their life on road!! Thanks!!

So when is JAMIROQUAI going to tour in the US??!!!!!

THey need to funk it up here!

i agree with jessica. seems like a month has gone by since they last funked it up

What a life

Only if you buy the baby Dior shoes!!!!!!!!


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