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Added on Wednesday 30 November 2005, 22:40 (GMT)

According to a news item at, fans living in the US and Canada now have a dedicated online store based in the US, which makes delivery more direct. It has a full range of merchandise and clothing available and can be found at the Music Today website.

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i just want the blue rainproof dynamite jacket. that's it. that's all. where is it - besides on paul?? :)

I just want the blue and white adidas track top with the buffalo man on the front that I saw on sale at Brixton. Where is it?

$25 for a t-shirt? where are we? England? wtf! to think that it costs those sweatshop owners $1 max to make one!

Those same shirts were $5 more in NY and Chicago... Buying two of them hurt a lil lol. Im so tempted but that keycahin, but $10????

That merchandise is ugly. They could do so much more and have much better stuff.

Maybe, hopefully, they'll add more stuff. There's so much great merchandise out there (Ebay usually has the best) but most of its not official. At least they are making an effort...

Be very carefull if you are going to buy the ladies black t-shirt with the silver stars on it because when you wash it the silver stars turn to nasty grey ones.

I'd like to see a t-shirt with the Jamiroman on it. Ooh, and if they made it into a plush (Jamiroman not the shirt LOL)...I'd buy it!

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