Biography Channel (UK) to show Elizabeth Taylor concert

Added on Saturday 26 November 2005, 08:09 (GMT)

On Thursday 1 December (World AIDS Day), the Biography Channel (UK) will be showing a repeat of a programme called "Elizabeth Taylor: A Musical Celebration",which includes Jay performing "From This Moment On", which was originally recorded by Cole Porter.  The show starts at 19:00 (GMT).

The concert, which took place to raise money and awareness of HIV and AIDS, was recorded live at the Royal Albert Hall, London in May 2000 and is also available on DVD.

Credit: Cosmic Steph

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"From this moment on", whooooa a pure moment of happiness!!! It's Jazz, one of the best vocal performance of Jay and the musicians are just terrific! For those who haven't seen this show yet, DON'T MISS IT, IT'S AMAZING!!! "From this moment on, you and I babe..."

i came so, so close to being at that concert, and ddn't make it at the last minute. but i was overjoyed to hear that jay would be taking part. HIV/AIDS is so close to my heart. this is the news i love to see in the early morning! hopefully the broadcast will reach others. lovely!

...I just noticed 'on this day in history'...
Sorry I'm writing in this thread, but had to write all the same. The opening act got booed like I never heard booing, and the band started real, real late. The jungle environment on the stage was absolutey wicked, and jays dancin' has never come close since. I remember him saying to the crowd at the end 'sorry if it's a bit of a tramline' and then played EOPE. I remember the venue having a great turnout at the academy, but it wasn't packed.
What an anniversary!

Dear David,
ET program on 1st Dec is actually on thursday, not friday as mentioned in your article. I know it because I am flying to London that day and it is defo thursday, so all the fans should be informed corrrrrectly!

Matthew: thanks for telling me about this! Doh, yet another mistake on funkin. Anyway, I've now updated it. Thank you.


I want to sing that song damn it! :D

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