Jay talks openly, very openly, about Sony BMG

Added on Thursday 24 November 2005, 13:15 (GMT)

In an article at the Sydney Morning Telegraph website, Jay talks very openly about what he thinks of Sony BMG and his record deal with them...

"I'd like to get out of [the record deal], to be honest," the 35-year-old says. "They want a greatest hits [album], I'll give it to them and then f--- them off. I'm tired of them. It's 18 per cent music what we do these days and it's bloody 82 per cent marketing bullshit.

"They're the kind of people who should be running Shell. They know f--- all about music."

"You know, all these smart-f---ing-arse cookies that come around making out like they know about what you do, like, 'I think you should do this and we think you should do that, and we think you should edit the video like this,' and it's like, 'What on earth would you know about making music?'"

"Oh, screw them, they can screw themselves. I'm getting rid of them and they know it, they know it. 2006, my lovely, they're out of the f---ing picture. 'Take your greatest hits, stick it up your f---ing arse and then I shall carry on doing what I f---ing do.' Next time I do an album, I'm gonna put it up on the internet for five f---ing dollars."

The full article can be read at the Sydney Morning Herald website.

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well, i dunno if jay was drunk when he said that!
i hope no , and what he says became true!
Go jay im with u! I think the best that band should do is when finish the deal with sony is make a indep label and they could make the songs like the way they want :D Acid jazz + disco + funk :D hurray

I had the largest smile on my face reading that.
Every man has his breaking point and it looks like Jay has passed it and left it in his wake. The sooner they free themselves from the stranglehold of SONG BMG. Im sure Jamiroquai will be able to sign with another label which are willing to give Jamiroquai back their musical freedom. Jay always had enough money to become an independent label too.

The sooner the better. Cant wait, you fu*ken tell them

That's f----ing brilliant stuff

That had me in stitches. Well said Jay. I agree with even though it would be nice for a greatist hits in about 5 years or so.

Jay understands it :)

Hope this becoming true! It`s one of the best news I saw in last few years!

I wonder if comments like those will get him in trouble with the record label... If he is dumping SONY in 2006, does it mean they are not coming back to North America next year???? Please say it isn't so!!

I loved reading the interview!!
It's the first time I have heard Jay speak his mind about the record deal. He has only been saying what all of us fans have been saying for ages. Sony's marketing of the last album and singles has been awful. You have only got to look at how "(Don't) give hate a chance" fared in the charts to see that.
The sooner Jay goes back to his roots and starts producing music and songs as good as the first albums the better.

Smartest things I've heard from JK in years. Annoying, I don't think he'll pull the trigger right as we go into 2006...I think he'll dump 'em in the middle of the year. Also, if he's saying 'greatest hits' now to finish the contract, then it HAS to be a double-disc set! Awesome!

Well what a about that! I think that next album (hopefully on an independant label) will really be something special!
Stay funky!

Bahahaha! Plain hilarious!

And clever.

...ehm: who gave all that millions $$ to mr. Jay Kay? who had allowed mr.Jay to buy Lamborghini & Ferrari at the early age of 24? I agree with Jason about the marketing mood of Sony Michael Corleone said "business is business", they are doing their job. Due to this job, mr. Jay has conducted a different style of life then mine....

i got shivers from jays talking..yeah fuck you SONY!

only one ... i wanna the true return of jamiroquai sound

come on :-)

Just a pleasant reminder to please not swear when leaving comments. Feel free to write f**k or things like that, but not with the *uc* in the middle ;)


YES, and the funk revolution begins !!!

Back to the basics and back to the future !!!

And I wish 'Sir' JK wouldn't use expletives, but then again you can't have your cake and eat it.

Happy Viiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiibes all round eh ???

:-))))) h

Please respect that as an 'artiste' 'Sir' JK has the perogative to be protective and volatile about the purity and development of his work. And an unfettered and re-inspired 'Sir' JK is going to be ultra-qualitive and hyper-productive . . . shall we start celebrating now ??? . . . YES !!!

Great Jay. I'm with you every step of the way!!! Let's have a Greatest Hits album and then f--- them off. The promotion of the current album is far from acceptable...this kind of music and vibe doesn't deserve this complications. But when it comes to crappy music...the crappy music just gets a big promotion...It is not fair!!!
New cd coming up guys!!!
Smells like the old days music!!!
Jamiroquai Rulezzz!!!

Oh dear!
Stop swearing so much even if you are wright in what you are saying. Haven't you read the note on this site?

Excellent! Sony are terrible at promoting the last album over here (Norway).

Hang on... I must have missed an album, I can't get the figures right... it's eope, rotsc, twm, synk, afo and dynamite - that's 6!!!!!!! Not 7... With the greatest hits, it's still one more to go...
Or... is the next album a double? :D

You know what I mean Jay, For the next album, let all these marketing things out, get back to your roots and offer to the fans a real acid jazz album, a master piece with horns, to conclude your deal with Sony, and then you'll stay in Music history forever and ever and ever...

jay!!!! record on my radio!!!
we all want the real jamiroquai!!!!!!!!!

Yeh this is great news. Sony don't know sh*t about how to promote this band and the sooner they get out of that deal the better. Jamiroqui could easily sighn up with another label, be it a major one or an indie one. Or Jay could set up his own label. But I certainly hope he signs for a smaller label which I think would give him more musical freedom.

But if he breaks the deal there won't be tour no more, at least until a new album.

I so agree with what Jay says and everyone else on this site. Jamiroquai aren't like the other bands SonyBMG have, who are totally manufactured, with the label telling them what to do, what to release, right down to what they wear. Jay set up the band himself, he got himself where he is now with the support of us the fans, not the record label. They do what they want and thats making music, unlike the other artists Sony has signed, who they push further and plough more money into for promo. And what is the need for a greatest hits album? The fans who have all the albums (and i think the majority of us have) don't need another cd with the same stuff. What about a live album, dvd or a live versh of a greatest hits album? When Dynamite was coming out Sony wanted a greatest hits album-why? Jamiroquai have so much more to do, we don't want it to end now cos life and the world would be a much duller place! He should leave, find another label or set up his own-us fans would definately support them all the way, no doubt about it.

I completely agree with Jay on this one. Sony/BMG havent had a clue regarding promotion for Dynamite and especially (D)GHAC. Go Jay!! :D

I LOOOVVEEE YOU Jay!!! You're the best!

greatest hits album??? i can't see that seeling all to well to be honest,should it ever be realsed with england are a very big band,one of the biggest of the past decade,but they've hit the number spot "only" once,so are not as well known as they could be,and 4 years since the last album,may of been on the back of some peoples 4 jay,sometimes its funny with his openess,but thats pretty serious stuff he's said & no1 would like to see jamiroquai be dumped 4rom ther label would they? and i cant real see another record comany takong them up,only a new one set up by jay

keep in funky:)


Way to go Jay - I love it when I see an interview like this - it shows he's a 'real' person with 'real feelings' not just sucking up to the tabloids.


Absolutely f**kin', f**kin, wicked! The best f**kin' read I've read in a decade.
Nice one mate! and never stop the funk.

way to go! leave song behind! n go back 2 the roots brotha! keep it fresh n funky!!!! keep luvin those jammin vibes!

im all with jay SONY BMG can go shove it .... they have to be one of the WORST record labels ever... its only becoz they r known that they sell stuff... they r total craphead!

Jamiroquai should deffinately lose Song BMG. To start with Sony didn't even want the entire band, they only wanted Jay, but Jay wouldn't sign unless the contract applied to whole band. Sony are only interested in money making. Don't get me wrong they are a big name, but the promotion of recent records has been rubbish. If you look at the UK chart its dominated by the names which are promoted well, not musical talent. Jay should do a "Greatest hits" to keep sony happy, leave, find another record label or make up own...and then continue what he does best...releasing records. There is a big market for acid jazz, funk/ funky house in the uk, its just such music needs to beat crappy rock music in charts at mo. Rock is promoted so heavily, if only funk was aswel.

I Have been reading some of the comments in here though, and a lot of you seem to be mis-reading what JK is saying. He's not gonna BREAK his deal with Sony-BMG, he's just gonna fulfill the last album of it with a greatest hits album. That way he (or they, the band) meets the terms of the record contract and is free to go where he wants. JK might also say, "I've had enough (after fulfilling his contract), and say Im done making music. I hope not though...
He won't break his deal with Sony-BMG until it's fulfilled though, you guys can look up what happened to Prince when that happened. He lost millions.

he's not the first:
won't be the last:

Strong words that make a lot of sense. More power to him. Just think if more artists were to independently produce, distribute, and promote their work, us as fans/consumers would benefit so much more. But the artist may not.

i am a little confused with all this because i know that SonyBMG is not support them as they should and deserve but i also thinks that jamiroquai wouldn´t go very well without sony to be honest because they are very famous in the UK and in europe but in the rest of the world they don´t and it will be very difficult to be successful without the promotion of SonyBMG besides in this world unfortunately most of the people likes pop and hip hop and jamiroquai is not that way and if they come back to the acid jazz the only ones who will heard them will be us, the fans I agree with the relax and write like they wanna do and get rid of sony thing but i don´t thing that a greatest hits album is the right to do it I think jamiroquai has prove that they are more than that and they don´t need those kinda stuff to be succesful I think that a greatest hist is for people with no tallent who need remains the people what are their "big songs or greatest hits" and that way be famouse I know that jami don´t need that and I will very desapoinent if I see a greatest hits in the shop and nobody even turn to see it and nobody buy it so I don´t know I support the band becaus they´re right with the sony thing but I´m not agree with the greatest hist thing please jamiroquai don´t do that I know you can do it so much better

LABELS!!! are just making money from others.... easy this way... that is why I hate labels... I guess everyone should make his own one... :) go forward by yourself Jamiroquai band, you got allready your label the unique supersonic "buffalo"

I'm extremely happy to read what Jay said! I had been thinking about the same stuffs for them since last album, I thought they lost the original flavor since he signed that contract with SONY BMG, but for sure it was a necessary choice to make them known by the world, but now, Jay has the right and a good attitutude to choose what he really wants!
Well, Sony BMG is not a music company, is more like an entertainment company, lots of artists are ruined in their hands, so it depends on the artists themselves, if they're conscious of what they're doing! so GO FOR IT, Jay, don't worry too much!!!

Quote: If you look at the UK chart its dominated by the names which are promoted well, not musical talent. I AGREE WITH YOU BEN DEMICOL....most of the songs in today's charts are just pure PANTS!!!!
Jay is really a low key London boy at heart...What a wonderful guy! I feel inspired by his outburst! There's a Superman coming...

many of you are forgetting that the "poor" Jay leads a gorgeous style of life, he drives Ferrari, has built a gokart arena near his "small" house, and all this, perhaps, thanks also to the dollars of Sony, than probably has promoted well his records...

i hope jay owns the masters and publishing from all 6 albums. signing that contract at 22, he may have not known the value of owning them...yikes.

well,,jay deserves wat he got from sony,,but sony dosen't deserve (US da fan from day one)..wit out FANS, theres no sony,,,SIMPLE AS DAT,,,,now jay don't have to worry bout making millons,,EASY,,so no label please,,,,,,,,,,just pure music,,,just like it should,,..listern jay,,even tho da last three albums weren't so motivited,,i still bought them,,u know WHY

well,jay deserves wat he got from sony,,but sony dosen't deserve (US da fan from day one).wit out FANS, theres no sony,SIMPLE AS DAT,now jay don't have to worry bout making millons,EASY,so no label please,just pure music,just like it should,listern jay,even tho da last three albums weren't so motivited,,i still bought them, so just light some trees,get back toby,stu and simon for wat ever it takes,make some great music in your home studio,leave rest to US,RETURN OF DA ACID JAZZ" now can u dig dat suckers",o yea don't forget da mighty KICK HORNS, PEACE

ooohhh yessss, jay i feel very happy, you are the first artist that says the f***ing true, i can see now JAY KAY JUST LIKE IT SHOULD, thanks man!!!!!!!!!!

I like Jamiroquai and I respect Jay's decisions, but, personally, I think this kind of decisions anre very important and he should think about it for a long time. I don't want a Greatest hits album, probably it would be logical at the end of their career but he's 36 hears old and he's able to do more CD's. Sony ins't as bad as you said, I really think Dynamite's sales could be worst if instead of Sony Jamiroquai would work with an independent label. JQ is making a musical evolution, and sign for an independent label is exaggerate, retrogress. They should talk with Sony and put in order this kind of problems. This will be more intelligent than look for success in the past. Come on, jay, THINK!!!

I think its about time Jamiroquai moved on from Sony BMG, they have undermined Dynamite which could have been a great success, if this album followed up Travelling Without Moving they would probably been as big as Coldplay or someone like that i think! V funny article as well...!

jay, maybe you can start a new record label only for the band and new talents
dont u think?

Anyone know if Live in Verona was part of the 8 album deal? It would make sense that they'd only have one more to do in that case.

lets go back to the good 'ol Acid Jazz times. Those were the times.....

WOOO!! GO JK you tell them! I love this guy...

I think J's comment is pretty much following Chris Martin from Coldplay, he accused shareholding companies as being the "true evil" of the 21st century. However, the consumers are the ones escalating the crap the companies are selling. By simply watching the X factor, you are causing good bands problems.

If is true.. Im so happy!!!
lets go back to the good 'ol Acid Jazz times. Those were the times.....
Comment by Rythmolution on Monday 28 November 2005, 13:47 (GMT)

-Im so agree too!

I love the way Jay makes this clear. Not mince words! Jay you're great!
I also like David comment about feeling free to write f**k or things like that, but not with the *uc* in the middle. So good! ;)

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