Electric Mistress vinyl remixes

Added on Wednesday 23 November 2005, 15:15 (GMT)
Electric Mistress vinyl remix cover artwork

Two new remixes of Electric Mistress have appeared on a Sony BMG UK promo vinyl release.  They are as follows:

  • Electric Mistress (Yousef Circus Vox)
  • Electric Mistress (Kraak & Smaak Remix)
Audio samples of these mixes are available at the Juno Records website.

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I hope they release this track as their next single...I think it'll do very well

WOW.....Sounds great! I'm liking it.

I would but it on CD though, nice to have on Vinyl too.

Anybody know anymore about Yousef? Is he a british DJ?

And are these the same remixes Jay handed out to people on a CD-R that didn't play?


I love the Kraak and Smaak remix!!

Not enough dance remixes are featured on the CD singles recently.

Remember all the fuss with Space Cowboy by David Morales?

That is a damn funky remix from Kraak & Smaak. Loving it !! Thanks David for bringing the news (as always).

Kraak and Smaak did a good job on the mix! I'd love to see Electric Mistress as the final single, but I have a feeling it's gonna be Dynamite.

Awesome! Here is some more info on Kraak and Smaak for those who are interested:

wow kraak and smaak do quite a bit of stuff for jamiroquai! i also noticed one of the suport bands opening for jamiroquai in sydney have a kraak and smaak remix aswell
... which is pretty interesting!

Im soo annoyed at this. If this is going to be the next single then I belive sony BMG are purposely trying to kill off Jamiroquai. Every choice they have made for this album has been wrong. The only one I agree with was the release of Seven Days in Sunny June. Firstly FJLIS we all know was nothing spectacular.. ghac is a funky tune but sending a serious message in a disco song doesent appeal to me. Even though I dont mind electric mistress im sure it wont receive any kind of commercial success. It looks like Jamiroquai is dying. Sony BMG are purposely releasing the under par songs from the album so people will not buy it and see the actual wonders within. Th "only" tracks which deserve a release are either
* Seven Days
* Starchild
* Talulah
* Black Devil Car
* Hot Tequila Brown
* Time Wont Wait
* Dynamite
and we all know Sony BMG are taking the band in the wrong direction. IT pisses me off that the Band I love looks to be dying because of there record label.
Back to the ACID JAZZ label I say

speaking of remixes, i just heard (maybe i'm late on the info) that oliver lang (seven days in sunny june remixer) is almost finished another remix for another track from the album.

Electric Mistress (Kraak & Smaak Remix) very "ibiza sound"

Funkstar is somewhat correct I think. Time Won't Wait is surely a much better choice for the next single. The choices now remind me of those for Synkronised - about as wrong as you can get. I mean, you have some killer tracks and you choose the weakest ones? Why?

I think there is nothing wrong with Electric Mistress as a next single.
It's a great track!!
Go ahead guys, release that one next!

I think EM would make a great single choice myself, although Black Devil Car/ Love Blind deserve to be singles too

I totally agree with Polly and Kieran P...Electric Mistress is a great track, sure its not as deep as some of the others on the album, but its a great dance track...i think they hit the nail on the head with this one!!

jamiroquai besttttt bahhhh

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