HMV UK Dynamite promotion

Added on Tuesday 22 November 2005, 22:41 (GMT)

HMV in the UK is currently heavily promoting Dynamite, with the album being available in retail stores for £7.99, and for £8.99 on the website.

In addition to this, large posters advertising Dynamite, featuring a huge picture of the Jamiroman (the animated character from the Don't Give Hate A Chance promo video) and a small image of the original Dynamite cover artwork are appearing all across the London Underground railway network.

Credit: Erica Browne

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For God and Country...
Nobody does it better.

luvin this poster! supa cool! great 2 c more advertising!


Yeah, coulda used that earlier Sony/BMG. Then maybe we wouldn't have to see the last single tank at No. 27 in its first week!

its such a shame that this album (imo best since TWM) hasnt been promoted properly - if people like madonna and robbie still work so hard to sell their stuff, JK should take a long look and get off his and take note!

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