GHAC midweek chart update

Added on Tuesday 08 November 2005, 20:33 (GMT)

In the UK midweek charts (after one day on sale), (Don't) Give Hate A Chance is at number 33.  For information, Seven Days In Sunny June was at number 14 after its first day on sale in the UK.

Unfortunately for whatever reason (only known to Sony BMG), many people will believe that there is little value in buying both CD singles that have been released, as the three track CD-Maxi (CD2) release contains all the tracks that are available on CD1.

The final chart positions will be revealed on Sunday afternoon
Credit: Kieran Powell

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That's true but it's my choice to buy all 3 vershs. I aint telling others that they should toO-it's up to them. Yeah it is a rip off but i don't mind prob cos i'm mad lol! Gotta get it in the top 20! And it hasn't enough promo-no performance oN TOTP or as much airplay as SDISJ, maybe that's a reason why.

Bad move JK...maybe Electric Mistress or Talulah would have been a better choice?

lot of us will buy all the version anyway, but is reall being a bad era in single releases, cheap remixes everywhere, the should release bsides and unreleased tracks as we know there are a lot...

Every fan MUST understand this. It's not Jay's fault- the record label screwed up BIG TIME on this. The song had "future hit" written all over it, and WHY the animated video doesn't feature ,I do not know. Considering that it reached the top 5 most played videos, this smacks of incompetence from the "suits". Why is there no full length Steve Mac Mix on cd, but vinyl only? What's the point in CD1 at all? It's also a waste of materials. I'd like to believe that people have gone out to buy the album, because this was one of the songs that would make it more of a success. But with it being at 73 last week, can you see something dramatic happening? Thought not. This is not the first time fans have been cheated, and heads oughta roll for it. It's not people file-sharing, etc. that's "killing the music industry"- it's sheer ineptitude from the people who put these decisions through, and promote real talent badly. Add that to the fact that there some real lazy journalism regarding this band, and you wonder what kind of snakes our favourite bands have to work with. They deserve better, and we, the fans do too.

I was also really suprised when I found all CD1's tracks on CD2. The only difference was CD1 was cheaper than CD2. Oh well, lets see where it ends up on Sunday

damn well written soul educated! - nice one mate.

soul educated - i dig what you are far as the journalism and promotion, what do you suggest to make it better, and are you speaking about those specific things worldwide or specifically where you are? (i ask because as a journalist, i am seriously interested). just hit me up at [email protected]

I love the song (don't) give hat a chance and the video rocks why its that possision i don't know because it should be top ten material. I only hear the song on the radio or when I put my CD on. I've only seen it once on the music channels. Maybe it because I have freeview and you only have the Hits or TMF I don't know. Sony must do better promoting the next single. I hope it's Dynamite or Time won't wait.

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