Seven Days on Leno

Added on Tuesday 08 November 2005, 07:06 (GMT)
2005-11-07 Jay Leno show

On Monday night Jamiroquai performed Seven Days In Sunny June on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on US television station NBC.

I plan to put a video of the performance online soon but for now, I have some fantastic high definition screen captures available on the downloads page of this site.

Credit: John Piscopo

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Thanks David! Very good pictures! I really like the look of Derrick. And the little detail I love the most: The buffalo man on the bass drum! Sooooo funky! What do you think of their performance? Is it better than TOTP version or AOL session?

hey, I just saw jay leno s show and I had to watch it for like almost an hour to just see jamiroquai, they just performed one song and jay was not interviewed. I could see jay' s dislike of it, I mean, the last time they came was by late 90's, and they were very famous as u know, I wish they had been given more attention, it s a great band who is trying to recover the US fans with good music, hope they r paid more attention are paid more attention ad jimmy kimmel's show, I hope so(they r gonna perform outside the show, I wish I could go but la is a lil bit far from here, san jose ca, I also have classes, damn!)

its great to see them on Leno!!!!i am so happy!

I would like them ot have played at least 2 or 3 songs, just the same is good to see them reappear on american tv. :)

It's normal for the musical guest not to be interviewed, so I wouldn't be worried over it. Sure, it would have been nice for them to sit down - perhaps talk about cars (Leno is a HUGE car collector) - but then fans might be angry only Jay was interviewed, furthering the American conception that Jamiroquai is one person. But I digress.. any American airtime is good airtime! Great performance guys+girls!

I can't beleive we had to sit through an entire hour of Dana Carvey in order to watch 1 song! It was pure torture! However, it was worth the wait! The performance itself was outstanding! Jay's voice started out a little rusty but really found its pace after several lines. The music, however, was so fluid. SMOOTHE! They gave Seven Days a distinc jazz feel that I absolutely love! I am going out on a limb to say that the performance on Leno was more mature. I think it was geared towards Leno's older audience. I mean, you can tell just by the way they were dressed, but either way I think they were fantastic! Funny though, because when they first came on camera, I felt as if I was watching old friends on TV! I was so excited and PROUD of them! I can't wait until they are on Kimmel on Thursday!

hey! you were lucky i couldn't even watch it from Spain.I agree and it would upset me that after one hour waiting they just performed one song and Jay was not interviewed, but i think it had to be worth watching it anyway... Thanks David for the screen captures -as always great!

I fell asleep. :( Does anyone know if there is a clip of it floating around on the net somewhere?

My girlfriend's currently working in Philidelphia so she recorded it for me last night luckily.

On a slight tangent, on PopWorld (programme on the English side of the Atlantic) the other day they had an interview with Pharrell Williams, who came across as being extremely down to earth and articulate. Anyway, he was asked who he's listening to at the moment and he mentioned Keane and Coldplay (boring). He then said that he'd heard a track by somebody called Jamaroquai (obviously never heard of them). I think his words were "I thought WOW; the chords man - impressive". You never know there could be a Pharrell and Jamiroquai collaboration (I normally hate collaborations as they're normally a mutual arse-licking exercise) in the future. Now that would be interesting.

I stayed up, and actually DVRed the show. Hopefully somebody will post the show on the net. I must say that I was surprised to see them do 7DISJ, I would have thought they would have done "(Don't) Give Hate A Chance". But I thought about it, and considering they are doing Jimmy Kimmel, it made sense. Leno's crowd is more of the late 30-early 40 crowd, so a very smooth jazzy sound would interest and appeal to new fans. Kimmel's crowd tends to be a lot younger, so a very upbeat dance track like sound (such as (D)GHAC ) would make sense. If I found the show "floating around" I will edit it, so just the performance is available and let everybody know.

Pharrell and Jamirquai collaboration!!!!???????
HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am intrigued by some comments noting the performance as "mature" and "geared to Leno's late-30 crowd". Seeing as JK and most of the band are in their late 30's! I enjoyed the performance; and found it to be much more relaxed

TJ, the comment about the band's sound and look being more "mature" is in comparison to their onstage appearance and sound during a regular concert. Obviously, SDISJ does not warrant too much jumping or dancing, so the performance was toned down, but after seeing Jay cavort through the stage and the guys/gals jam for two hours in recent concerts, it is a marked difference in their stage presence. That said, it was an amazing performance and perfectly appropriate for the time and place, age not withstanding.

Oh My GOD! I can't believe I forgot to watch Jay Leno last night! I will see Jamiroquai in L.A. this Wed. though! I can't wait!

Oh My GOD! I can't believe I forgot to watch Jay Leno last night! I will see Jamiroquai in L.A. this Wed. though! I can't wait!

Hi Claudia, I saw them recently in Toronto. Great show, although I preferred last night's performance. To me, it was more about the music - just my 2 cents

TJ, I must agree with you that SDISJ sounded better last night than it did during the concerts :) boys :) jay did look and sound a bit nervous. i was proud of them and they didn't sing FJLIS as reported they were going to! the ladies looked outstanding in those black dresses! sure, the guests coulda been better and it woulda been nice to see some questions asked, but it's all good...i'll take what i can get. have fun in cali all you people going to the show tomorrow and to kimmel.

The song they did was ok -- "Time Won't Wait" would have been a better choice - more up tempo and would have showcased more of the group.

WOW, Thank you very much for those amazing pic you put for download, their quality is amazing!! You said you were going to put online a video os the performance, so does the video have the same quality of the pics????

Saw Leno last night. Loved it!! I told my secretary at work earlier that day that I bet they perform SDISJ because it is such a soothing and relaxing tune. I was right.

I'm not a fan of "Seven Days" actually and was disappointed to see them perform it last night. On the "Tonight Show" website, it said they were going to do FJLIS which would've had more energy certainly. My bet is that with all this touring, they wanted to do something more low-key and "poppy" for the masses. That said, at least they were on a huge American tv show, this is great in itself!

I'm hoping they do TWW on Jimmy Kimmel.

I'm glad they went with 'Seven Days...' over 'Feels Just Like it Should.' However, I agree with TY (above comment) as far as the "showcase" element (i.e., Dynamite, Time Won't Wait, or Don't Give Hate...may have been a more impressive choice). Don't be afraid to let the U.S. know what you guys are about. Break out the hat and use the whole stage. Peace

i'd of prefered FJLIS actually

Hello All,

The performance on the Jay Leno show was classic. Anytime Jamiroquai gets US air-play is a plus at this point. (It's a shame he didn't tape David Letterman or Conan O'Brien here in NYC)

After a slightly shaky start (JK sounded a bit tired initially), I thought they ripped the song in stellar Jamiroquai fashion. The show directors did a great job of capturing the various facets of the performance. The look and sound of the band was proper. And the style change was a chic! Overall, good exposure after years of getting very little. Can't wait to see if they perform TWW on Jimmy Kimmel. Keep up the energy!

I was luck enough to be at the live taping of the Jay Leno Show & see Jamiroquai perform 7 Days!!! It was worth the few hours of waiting around & freezing my b--t off til they came on but I LOVED it!!! It was cool to see them so close & Jay was Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!They are an INCREDIBLE Live performing Band!! They get better & better with time. I also saw them at the House of Blues in Vegas & that was beyond FABulous!!!! I can't wait to see them at The Wiltern and Jimmy Kimmel. I made sure to clear out my schedule for these 2 weeks in order to see them live since they hardly make it to the U.S. It's a once in a life time opportunity that one must experience!!!!!!!Peace & Smiles......

It seemed like Jay only got into "his" groove at the end of the song. It would of been nice to hear another.

They sounded great but I was dissapointed JK was so toned down.
No hat, No Dancing. The wider american audience doesn't know them and he really could have bust out some trademark moves and been a lot more dazzling. Since I love them I enjoyed it but I don't know if it will gain them a lot of new fans. It's too bad Leno doesn't interview bands because they could have bonded over their love of cars.

For those who know Bit Torrent (BT) here is a link

They are looking GOOD.....

Wow! Thanks for all the comments.

I've now added a video of the performance to the downloads page.... Enjoy.

Here goes the torrent from Jay Leno Show
Dont know if its good- but give a try

usally the bands don't get interviewed,maybe by next years tour they might come on again,and be interviewed.You never know maybe their was no time,im sure jay leno wanted to talk to him.

I'm from the philippines and i'm a huge fan of jamiroquai... I saw the show and it was an absolutely excellent performance! i was hoping he would be interviewed though... well, Jamiroquai still ROCKS THE PLANET!!!

Wait a minute... Let me re-phrase that last one. "I was hoping that THEY would be interviewed though..." well, in any case, they still ROCK!! i hope to see more of them in the coming months... hail jamiroquai!

Very, very good performance! Jay seems to be a little bit tired (I think they had a how the night before) but the sound of the band is damn good! Matt is now the real keyboarder, not just the substitue of Toby: With his glasses, I'm sure he's got the look! And look at Derrick's style! This man is really the best drummer I've seen, great moves and what energy! I love this band...

Does anyone know any other special guest that were on jay leno,because Im looking throught foxtel and it's got names on who was on there, but nothing about jamiroquai.It would help my search,i really want to watch it.

Julie: also on the show were Dana Carvey and Steve Irwin. Hope this helps.

Julie - the show was on The Comedy Channel on Tuesday night at 11pm and then 1am - I don't think they repeat it. You can download their performance from the 'downloads' part of this website :)


anyone going to los angeles show,if you are are u going to record it. cause i might

anyone going to los angeles show,if you are are u going to record it. cause i might

Thank God I flipped through the channels on the TV!!! If I would have missed that performance I would have been sick! HE ROCKED IT!!!! He has one of the best live performances I've evr seen. He's matured alot and I still love his sound. I called all my friends back home who love him too and told them about the performance. I'll have everyone I know watching him on Jimmy Kimmel on the 10th. J-Thank you for GOOD music...there is just not enough people making it anymore. I'm hoping to be looking forward to a new CD.....I can't wait. Thank you for the good energy...LT

Alonzo, if you record it, please spread the love. I saw them at the Atlantic City HOB show, and I am hoping somebody managed to get that one ;-)

Thanks David :)

I had just seen them 2 nights before in San Francisco, both nights. Fabulous! Jays voice seemed a bit tired on the show, but it was till great. Steve Irwin looked pretty excited to shake Jay's had, and not Leno. I'd give anything to be in LA tonight. I AM JEALOUS!

I stayed up to see them perform and yes had to sit thru Dana Carvey(not funny at all). I didn't expect them to do SDISJ but it is one of my faves. J looked nervous and at first viewing didn't think he sounded that good. But then I watched it many more times and think it was a wonderful performance. Love seeing them on US TV! Can't wait to see Jimmy Kimmell! Jay-wear theheadpiece and let the true funk come out. Show the US what they are missing!! They should play any one of these: Dynamite, Time won't wait, Starchild or (Don't) Give hate a chance!!! Thanks for being a great band to follow and to be a fan of. Keep up the good work! Please come back next year!!!

I thought the performance was good and Im glad they did "SDISJ" instead of "FJLIS". I would have like to have seen "Starchild" if I had my choice though. But I was very satisified with the performance. IT CAN'T BE UNDERESTIMATED HOW BIG IT IS FOR THE BAND IN TERMS OF U.S. INTEREST ON GETTING ON A SHOW LIKE LENO. IT'S HUGE FOR JAMIROQUAI! And Im happy for them to get it.

LOL I did find it funny seeing the "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin and JK shake hands. Do you think the two even knew who each other were lol?

your right pete,they have huge connections to get on leno

got back from the l.a. show,it was fun seeing them again

For any British fans out there, I have it on good authority that the Jay Leno show with Jamiroquai is on CNBC Europe tonight at about 10:30pm. Unfortunately this will only be available to people with SKY Digital, but it's better than not seeing it at all. I believe the channel is in the 600s, just past SKY News.

someone here sad that he felt like he was seeing an old friends when he saw them on Leno;i feel the same way,it like i was on the stage performing!!!jamiroquai are the GREATEST!!!!

HI I was there too. I also went to the Vegas show. JMQ really impressed me with thier stage presence and the music, very tight. I felt like they were good old friends too, especially to look Jay right in the eyes in front of the stage. I thought SDISJ was a good choice however most of the crowd there, weren't even 30's and 40's they were like 40's and 50's age. so I don;t think it really matters, but they rocked it anyways! see ya

Thank you for the Jay Leno Download. That is the closest I will get to seeing them. I didn't know they were in concert at the Wiltern until the last minute and I live down the street from there ... I will definitely watch Jimmy Kimmel tonight.

Bugger I missed it,sam I downloaded it but would'nt play it.
Thanks Daivd maybe I will be lucky and they will replay it,I will let you know if they do.Im a happy girl today david I got my tickets for the mel forum show,standing room only.Wish come true,remember I was winging.

All of the videos should (and will) play using "VLC" software, which is linked from the bottom of the downloads page. Have another go please :)

This is kind of corny, but I thought I would share it with all of you. My two year old daughter has been listening to Jamiroquai since she was in the womb. I play their music so much that she already knows the chorus to many songs (her fave being Starchild, Revolution and Dynamite). This morning I downloaded the Leno performance and as I was watching it as she came into the room. She was transfixed on the image. I think this is the first time she has ever SEEN Jamiroquai and she was thrilled. She keeps on asking to see Seven Days! A little Jamirofan in the making!

I loved the Leno performance!!! It was great to see them after waiting so long for another album to come out since Funk Odessy. I'm not gonna complain about a thing--it's hard to get to a concert living here in Missouri USA (they don't come around these parts LOL) so it's a treat to see them on TV! I almost got to see them in Chicago this time but no luck :-( Oh well, better luck next time! In the meantime, I have my Dual Disc Dynamite CD to listen to and watch the DVD footage on it....Jay is a hottie!!! I think I almost drooled on the TV when he came on Leno LOL! Anyways, love to all my other Jamiro-buddies out there!

PS--AAAGGGHH! I missed the Jimmy Kimmel performance so I'm kinda bummed out about that. I had the wrong date written down for it. Oh well, hope it was good for everyone else that seen it LOL! :-)

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