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Added on Friday 04 November 2005, 19:18 (GMT)

On Thursday night Jamiroquai performed at the House Of Blues in Las Vegas.  The set list was as follows:

  1. Canned Heat
  2. Space Cowboy
  3. Cosmic Girl
  4. Revolution 1993
  5. Little L
  6. Seven Days In Sunny June
  7. High Times
  8. Dynamite
  9. You Give Me Something
  10. Use the Force
  11. Black Capricorn Day
  12. Love Foolosophy
  13. Main Vein/Time Won't Wait
  14. Alright
  15. Deeper Underground

The band now go head to San Francisco for concerts on both Saturday and Sunday night.

PS. Does anyone have the set list from Tuesday night in Denver? 

Credit: John Piscopo, J.C. Drenguis

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Always the same set list, again and again and again... I wanna hear Stillness in Time, Light Years and If I like It! David, concerning the set list for denver show, I've read that it's exactly the same but with LoveBlind more. Cheers

David, do you know if the show was a last-minute sellout? I heard there were still tix avaialble for this show down the stretch. It woulda been nice to gamble with them afterwards lol. Hope one of JK's Porsches isn't now the property of the Bellagio lol.

I thought last night's show was fantastic!! Although, I was waiting for "Virtual Insanity" for the encore!! Oh well, loved them anyway!! Next time! XXXOOOOXXX

I've just been told that the band apparently ended the gig with Jailhouse Rock by Elvis! Someone tell us all what happened please...

Pete, I've no idea what the ticket situation was - sorry.

The show was amazing!! I was waiting for Virtual Insanity too. Oh well. There was no Jailhouse Rock after the encore, sorry. But there were a ton of people and Jamiroquai rocked! I wanna go to LA next week to see it again!

It was an awesome show! I, too, was waiting for Virtual Insanity. :) I think a lot of people were, but it was still amazing.

Pete, I don't think this show was a sell out. I bought my tickets far in advance, but they were selling tickets at the box office up until the show. There was actually quite a bit of seating left. Buy maybe this was because a lot of people were moving around, so it seemed like more seating was available than there really was.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure Jay said several years ago that he would never perform Virtual Insanity live again. Don't get your hopes up to be hearing it anytime soon. The Toronto show was the best concert I've ever been to and I didn't miss hearing VI at all.
Revolution more than made up for it.

the show was amazing! I went to the boston show and the didn't play "you give me something"....they did this time and it did NOT disappoint! Use the force was great too!

They performed Virtual Insanity on September 7, 2005 in Birmingham. He didn't mention anything about never performing it live again then. You would think though that they'd play that song in the States since that was their biggest hit here.

They played VI in Nimes France. It appeared to be spontaneous and was beautiful to see live. Jamiroquai at Nimes was one of my top concert experiences of all time! I was just at the Chicago show which was also excellent, despite the sound echo problems. I was located a few spots back from the stage speakers and the echo didn't stand a chance.

I just got back from the Vegas show and it was the most amazing show I've seen in a long time.

I don't know who's smoking what exactly, but they played nothing but Jam songs last night. There were absolutely no cover songs played.

The burning question I have though is, just which one of the four hotties that Jay had his roadie give backstage passes to did he end up with? My buddie and I are betting it was the blonde. :)

Denver set list was similar except that they opened with "Dance" and they did not play "Use The Force"- at least I do not remember them playing it. "Alright" was the highlight of the show for me- REALLY spacy and funked out intro.


I think Jay said in a tv interview a few years ago that he's sick of performing Virtual Insanity. The host talked him into doing it, he was irritated and stopped singing after one verse. Glad to hear he's changed his mind since and done it in concert a few times. Maybe we'll get to hear it on the next leg of the tour.

Whoops- they did open with "Canned Heat"- I always wanna call that song "Dance". :)


He ended up with the blonde? I guess the other 3 were for some of the other guys... wait a minute, aren't most of them married? Tsk, tsk, tsk! All for Jay?!

simmer down now..just because they got backstage passes doesn't mean they were given with the hopes of anything sexual happening or someone 'hooked up'. they gave guys and girls those passes in new york and the vibe wasn't even like that.

Deesha this is Vegas baby. Sin City!


In Denver they did play Use the Force and it was awesome! I was really looking forward to the new song Feels Just Like It Should for the crazy bass that they pull out. But they did play Deeper Under Ground which is my all time favorite Jam song. It was an amazing show. I'm still thinking about it. It wasn't sold out but the crowd was really great and everyone there was so in to the music that's all that matters.

denvers set was the same exact fuckin set as chicago from what i recall, they might have skipped a tune in denver and played loveblind instead since that was def the only song i DIDNT hear in chicago. i really wish i didnt blow the money to see them twice, its so NOT worth it.

I just got back from the Las Vegas show (we drove there from Arizona). It was an awesome show and the band was sooo tight! They reworked many of the songs and it was all quite masterful and fresh. The band played perfectly, with amazing timing. It was my first Jamiroquai show and I was VERY impressed. The three back-up singers really added a lot to the show, and Jay was quite the performer. The bassist is amazing and the entire band is centered around his terrific bass lines. There were some feedback problems that were a little annoying but the sound was otherwise excellent. Deeper Underground was an excellent way to end the show and sent us all home on a high. Thanks for the visit Jamiroquai! Come back soon!

I was lucky enough to have been invited to the Afterparty, there were guys and girls up there. It was a blast! Jay looked a little tired. I don't think he hooked up with anyone. They were leaving that night for Cali. Vegas show was unbelievable! I'll never forget it!! Hope the come back in March!

Sorry for the delay David, I was just told today by my friend that you were inquiring about the set list.. luckily i asked for the set list and they gave it to me, since i was front row center i managed to score some amazing photos as well... set list tag:
absolutly fabulous show.. though he mentioned that he was a tad winded from the Denver altitude, super splendid show all around and many thanks to JK and the entire band!!! Please come back sooner than later (5 years was so long)

Hello again David, dang the tag didn't display so i will type: Jamiroquai set opened and ended with a Dance mix...
11. USE THE FORCE (def. played and it was rockin)
16. DEEPER UNDERGROUND (def. no jailhouse rock)

i can't say it enough JK, the band, the girls.. excellent and considering the altitude Jay's energy was funkadelicly fantastic! i'd see that show over and over again...

Just recovering from three days in Vegas starting with the Jamiroquai show. It was mindblowing and I'd go anywhere and pay just about anything to see them! Question for any of you... I have been listening to Jamiroquai since 1996 and have every CD. Not one of my cd's has the song Deeper Underground on it. Their website says it's on Synkronized but it's not on my copy! I have checked very closely - where is it and how do I get it? Is there a special CD out there I don't know about? I loved the song when they ended the Vegas show with it. It was such an amazing show - definitely a highlight of my life. It was also my first and it was so cool to see my Jamiroquai "family." I must admit, very cool people! Can anyone answer my question about the song? I would never pirate this band's music so if that is the only way to get the song, no way man! Does anyone know how to get it legally?


lisanne, deeper underground appeared as a bonus track on the japanese release of a funk odyssey in 2001. you can obtain it easily though through the godzilla soundtrack, which is probably really cheap at this point because the movie and soundtrack weren't that great. but my suggestion to you as a jamiroquai fan is to seek out the VHS/CD boxset of 'deeper underground', which was only released in the US. The VHS tape contains the 'deeper underground' video, the 'high times' video, and the 'return of the space cowboy' video. the CD has 'deeper underground' and 'high times' on it. before i go any further, you can see the details of it on this site, just go under music at the top and then under boxsets, you'll see it. i haven't seen the boxset in stores since i bought it in 1999, so good luck finding it. i would check amazon and ebay and maybe used stores also for it. i lost the tape part actually in a move and bought it on amazon. good luck!

Fillmore concert Sunday was awesome... My first Jamiroquai concert and I was impressed by the energy! Good crowd too. Little L still my favorite ; )

The set list was different than the two that you are displaying... I would like to get it and create my Fillmore Playlist, so any help is welcome! Thank you

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