B-Live concert on UK television

Added on Friday 04 November 2005, 07:06 (GMT)

On Sunday 20 November at 01:15, Channel 4 television in the UK will broadcast a 30 minute programme called "Jamiroquai: Live In London", filmed at the B-Live concert held during the summer.  The programme description reads:

Filmed in July this year at Clapham Common, Jamiroquai: Live in London features singles and tracks from all Jamiroquai's six albums, including the current hit album Dynamite. The band have just finished a sell-out arena tour in the UK and the rest of Europe and are currently in the US, before moving on to Japan and Australia later in the year.

It is a pity that the show is only 30 minutes long (including commercials) but it is great to see that some of the concert is going to be on television.

Credit: Carly Sayell

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excellent! it's on past bedtime though! trust you will be recording David!

Of course. Speaking of recordings, I've got the "Jamiroquai In Profile" show which was broadcast recently to put online when I get a chance...

Thanks David! Concerning the B-Live, THE concert, I hope they will select good songs to promote on TV, for example songs with Nathan Haines... By the way,I want a dvd of B-live performance for christmas! Please Mister Sony!!!

yeah,imagine so many concerts are filmed and rarelly they are shown on the tv..its a shame

Excellent! I was there that day, can't wait to see it!

ahh this is going to be great

sweet.. setting the ol video recorder now!

I can't watch Channel 4 television in the UK from here.. but i will wait for 'Jamiroquai In Profile'. Thanks David!

This is great, but it would be even greater if they could show more of the gig.

I just hope we get to see some tracks complete, unlike the Carling Homecoming show where there were lots of tracks but I don't think any where shown without interviews etc. stuck on top of them.

Yeah, i hope its FULL tracks and not cut up ones. And a mix of new and old tracks, a good balance. Want to see the whole thing though, it was a 2 hour gig after all!!! Can't wait gunna stay up for it like always and tape too!!!

I am so jealous!! I won't see any of it since I am here in the States! Hope you all enjoy!!!

Cosmic Girl: don't be jealous... I'm sure some "funkin" website will put it online to download at some point following its broadcast ;)

"Funkin, The One And Only" :)

Yes!!! yes!!! I hope somene record ir ;) Please in a superb SVCD format :D :D!!!

that will be a new video for the collectors!!!
hope somebody will record it! in VCD please!!!
it's terrible to work with those DivX formats...
thanks for all David

I have a feeling that because the programme is so shamefully short that there will be only snippets of songs. But I am so pleased that Jamiroquai are getting chosen for airtime, well done Channel 4, and we are looking forward to your recording of it Mr. Rowe.

Channel 4 put on a full 2 hour show of one of Robbie Williams performances the other week, and lets face it, Jamiroquai kicks Robbies ass in terms of live performances so I think they should show a full show.

Please note that the time has changed (at least in my TV guide) to now be 01:15.

can't wait, so glad i've got sky +

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