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Added on Thursday 27 October 2005, 17:57 (UTC)

Jay has been interviewed for as part of the promotions for this weekends show in Toronto.  Amongst other things, Jay talks about the vibe of Dynamite...

"I wanted to concentrate more on groove, on having fun... I wanted to make a sexy record. Dynamite is what I call my sexy mid-30s song. I did what came to me, and I'm in that stage."

Jay also talks about what it's like coming back to the States after last performing there back in September 2001.

"We're back to square one.  We've been doing gigs for 45,000 in Europe and now we're playing to 2,000. But I'm enjoying it. And it's been such a long time that we almost forgot how good North American audiences are. I have fond memories of playing in Toronto and everybody going wild. And I've just gone out and bought myself a goose down jacket, so I won't freeze my ass off like I did last time!"

The interview can be read in full at the website. 

Credit: Samantha Yemm

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