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Added on Thursday 20 October 2005, 20:31 (BST)

Here is a summary of the most recent UK chart activity for (Don't) Give Hate A Chance - taken from the current issue of Music Week.

  • The single is a new entry in the "Upfront Club Top 40" chart at number 18.
  • In the "Radio Growers" chart, the single is shown as having 536 radio plays to date and is at number 4.
  • In the "Pre-Release" chart, the single is at number 18.
  • In the "Pre-Release Airplay Top 20" chart, which is compiled from airplay of dance records on Capital FM, the Galaxy Network, Kiss FM, BBC Radio 1 and The Vibe radio stations in the UK, (Don't) Give Hate A Chance is at number 8.  Last week it was a new entry at number 14.
  • This week the single has dropped out of the "Cool Cuts Chart", after spending two weeks in the chart, entering at 4 and then dropping to 8.

If anyone would like to clarify the difference between the "Pre-Release" and "Pre-Release Airplay" charts it would be appreciated!

With the video now on UK television, in a weeks time we should get an idea of how well it is doing in the video airplay chart.

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i think the difference between the two possibly could be "requested" vs. "aired". like, one could be what people oftenly phone in to request while the other is what each respected station airs as normal programming

on another note, tomorrow night is my first Quai concert at atlantic city HOB and heres to it being exaclty what i have anticipated since Synkronized.
Thank everything that is holy for jamiroquai's return to the states. See, good things DO happen to us americans.

and i know my post should be relavent to the topic but i hardly post so i want to say thank you to for being what you are. much respect and hopefully i can get some pics/notes/ anything from tomorrow nights show

Spot on Jamiroquai, keep it up man!!

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