(Don't) Give Hate A Chance Video Premiere

Added on Thursday 13 October 2005, 19:48 (BST) has announced the following special outdoor showings in London of the new promo video for (Don't) Give Hate A Chance.  The news item at the website reads:

We would like to invite you to a special showing of the brand new Jamiroquai animated video for (Don’t) Give Hate A Chance.

The showings will take place on Friday 14th October at the following venues and times in London:

  • 6pm - Brewer Street London W1 (near the NCP car park)
  • 7.30pm - Chelsea Barracks
  • 9pm - Undisclosed Official Government Building
  • 10.30pm - Undisclosed Official Government Building

We will project the video onto these spaces around London town.  This is Jamiroquai's first ever animated video, which has a bit of a "military" feel to it - hence the projection at Chelsea Barracks.

Enter your mobile number here and we'll send you an SMS tomorrow with details of the government building location as if we told you where it was now we would get in trouble!

Credit: Brent Armstrong, Sheereen Usman

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Oh my god... an animated video :S
Why not the band in the video!!!!

i want seen this video¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Nice job on the promoting. I anticipate their first animated video with open arms.
I'm hoping we get that 'anime' (Japanese animation) feel to it.

This should be good :D.

Can't wait 2 see it though its a shame that its only in London and with short notice! Wanna see this on telly soon!!!

What strange and wonderful news!

Can't WAIT to see it!!

animation nice one guys!!! a new outlook to a jamiroquai video. very cool cant wait to see it now!!!!!

I was fortunate enough to meet Jay after the Manchester Concert, and among other things, he told me that the video would be animated (it hadn't been done at the time), but now you know- I like this idea, it should be something else. Also, with it being a cartoon, you can get away with certain things, possibly related to lyrics- as opposed to real life images (where earlier videos were banned?). No doubt this'll be a top video, and it WILL grab attention. I hope it features on the single, too- THAT could help it in the charts.

let's hope this is not anime stuff. it would look like a otaku video. :(
I'm sure we'll like it. rotoshop?

A animated video? Well, it's a surprise for me. I think they have choosen the animated video cause they are actually on tour and have no time to make a clip. It will be different but just hope that it won't be too cheap. Cheers


This is facinating news - I am seriously considering taking a trip to London now to see this video.

Sounds odd! I just wish that they had projected the video in some other cities as well as london!

Great vid - see it on MTV Hits 2nite - alto animated it really looks like JK!

overb2boo u see the video?

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