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Added on Tuesday 11 October 2005, 09:24 (BST)

Here is the set list for the Sony Ericsson/Orange gig performed at Man Ray in Paris on Monday night: 

  1. Canned Heat
  2. Space Cowboy
  3. Cosmic Girl
  4. Revolution 1993
  5. Little L
  6. Dynamite
  7. Use The Force
  8. Black Capricorn Day
  9. Love Foolosophy
  10. Time Won't Wait
  11. (Don't) Give Hate A Chance
  12. Alright
  13. Deeper Underground

The set list was usual for the current tour.  The paper set list (attached to the stage floor) also included "Light Years or C-Town Traffic" and "LoveBlind" but the band skipped them.

The atmosphere was very much like the Carling Homecoming concert held in Ealing (London) a few years ago - in a club with a very low stage, lots of balconies etc.  Expect to see some short (fan recorded) video clips from the gig online in the next day or two.

If you were at the gig, please feel to post any comments along with this news item, and stay tuned as later this week I hope to launch a concert facility in the live section of the site... 

Credit: Francois Wiart

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Short set list, Songs deleted... The band seems to be tired! Take my advice Jay, let the music be the leader of your work and let all these marketing things out! You're a musician and an artist, not a Sony Ericsson seller! Cheers

Hey Funkadelic! ...I would agree ...I was at the Brussels gig Sat nite and they do seem tired many tour dates etc. Still loved it though as I'm sure you did too :)

It was very cool to assist to a gig in a small place , and the sound quality was very good but the majority of the people didn't care about Jamiroquai, weren't fan , drank alcohol during the gig and it seemed that Jay was here only for the contract with sony ericsson but didn't realy enjoy the show . But in spite of that it was very cool. The problem was the environment ...

the gig was so cool, never been so close from the stage (not really a stage!!so low) it's true they skipped 2 songs, so what?! it was so huge to assist this show, i think they where looking forward to spend time home!!! before the long usa-japan-australia marathon!!

Best live gig I've been to for ages, shame about all the FANS using their phones to film the band - they got in the way of our dancing.

The gig was very cool, that's true. The band were so close from the public, that was incredible ! (I was on the first rank).
About the two skipped songs, I've waited for Jay after the show, he was tired, that's true. But I think - like Dr_Slump - that the problem came more from the public: so many guests from Orange, Sony Ericsson... Not enough real Fans...

I was lucky to be at the gig, and I really enjoyed it. It was maybe not the best they've done, but it was fantastic to see the band in these conditions. A big thanks to Sola (I'm waiting for your next Tank Tribe song on your site), Matt, and Rob who were so kind with us after the show. Thanks also to the all the fans I met !!!!

Je suis heureuse de trouver ici quelques amis franÇais. Quel grand sorte aller à cet concert privé !!!!

Bisous a touts.


Please make a new DVD....This show was much better....!!!!

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