Light Years in Milan

Added on Saturday 01 October 2005, 15:10 (BST)
Jamiroquai - Milan, Italy - 29 September 2005

After rehearsing the track for the first time as part of the current tour on Wednesday, Light Years was played at the Filaforum concert in Milan (Italy) on Thursday night.  The set list from the gig was as follows:

  1. Canned Heat
  2. Space Cowboy
  3. Cosmic Girl
  4. Revolution 1993
  5. Little L
  6. Seven Days in Sunny June
  7. Dynamite
  8. Light Years
  9. Loveblind
  10. Use the Force
  11. Black Capricorn Day
  12. Love Foolosophy
  13. Time Won't Wait
  14. Alright
  15. Deeper Underground
A number of photos from the concert (and other concerts from the Dynamite tour) are available in the live gallery.
Credit: Roberto, Andrei Andrade, Paul Kornreich

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Looks like they dropped 'Feels just like it should' out of the setlist. Was not played last three gigs.

Light Years, YES!!! Now I got that sunshine in my life! Just hope they don't paly it too rocky...

Light Years, YES!!! Now I got that sunshine in my life! Just hope they don't play it too rocky...

"you're a rock star"...
Listen to the lyrics and allow the song to evolve like it should. Rob Harris' contribution to the band is phenomenal. What society deems as 'Rock 'n Roll', I have to laugh because the music that's out there is a joke! - Jamiroquai ARE rock 'n' roll...

More like funk 'n' roll! woo hoo! Go jamiroquai on the light years thing! wish i was there to hear it

yess light years!! keep up tha good work on that setlist, its gonna completly rock the village!
see you in rotterdam! greetz from UDEN holland!
now i got that sunshine in my life

The U.S. Tour still seems like it's light years away, eventhough we're within about 3 weeks now. When I go to NY, I'll say "Now I got the sunshine in my life"

Well the first half, the band sounded a bit tired but then Light Years kicked in and from then on it was very happenning!! The lights were also great.

This is my second concert of this guy ( the first one being the Moon-Stars Festival in Locarno Switz. in July) and I must say to all of you this band is the best thing I have seen in over 10 years (im 46 from Calif.) !!!

I have seen it all over the last 30 years including being a serious Dead Head- so I really know live music and what a band can do to an audience and this Jamiroquai really moves me deeply -" I get it"

Sorry zed but I was not very expansive in my post. I just want to say that I really like Rob's work with Jamiroquai, his talent in Dynamite (Starchild, Talullah, Seven Days...) is phenomenal but I just say that with no horns, Jay is going to make new versions of the older songs which are a little bit too rocky for me. Jamiroquai are always the best but their real identity is a mix between Jazz, Funk, Disco. When I listen to Late Night Tales which is a selection of jay, I don't recognize rock tracks. I really love rock music(Hendrix, Led Zeppelin...) but for me, rock is not really Jamiroquai. Cheers

The Milano concert was an absolute blinder!! It was my first time seeing Jamiroquai live and for sure not my last. The crowd were fantastic and the band gave an amazing live performance! P.S. congrats on the site I've voted for yah =)

I get what you mean funkadelic; I first saw these boys at Brixton on Nov' 27th 1993, and to see the change and progression has been outstanding...(for me). Yes there is a strong element of Disco; like you mentioned - 'Late Night Tales' which really was a teaser of how 'Dynamite' was going to sound. But the grit, the edge and the rawness that we all witness and hear live is disco, funk with a big sprinkling of rock. Jay has the bull by the 'horns' and it's great we all get to experience Jamiroquai in 'our time'.
All the best.

Totally agree with you zed! Great to discuss about music with you!!! Cheers

La verdad no se que le ven de lindo a ese, aparte nisiquiera tiene un poco del sentido de la moda, yo que el contrataria un acesor de moda, es mas si quiere se lo regalo pero por favor que se saque ese "sombrero"
de papagayo que le quita lo poco de lindo que tiene.

Semplicemente fantastico!!!

Favoloso......come sempre....Anche se ho preferito il concerto di giugno al MuVi di Modena poichè la scaletta era più lunga: al palamalaguti infatti non ha cantato "Corner of the heart" e "Virtual Insanity"...Comunque è sempre uno spettacolo!

great show. The band was impressive, Derrick is not a drummer: he's a groove machine! Also, great Matt Johnson: the intro to "Alright" was spectacular! And I've noticed a very simple mood by Jason: no cars, no star system looks, but only...singing, great singing. Now I recognize him as a truly musician, and as a great band leader!

I was there, too! they're great, Jay got a divine voice, and the band performed so perfectly! the visual effect is stunning:)

I've been in milan to see JK!! The gig was great, the stage was fantastic!!!! Only that I was in Rome too in july, and people there were more hot even if the stage wasn't so great, because of the contest!!! In milan I felt the public a little bit shy!!! But always great to see JK and the band playing!!!!!! Keep it on guys! bye

..è stato fantastico, meraviglioso, strepitoso.. Light Years è stata una emozione, un brivido lungo la schiena.. ma a quando Talullah??.. ma un Greatest Hits con tutti i video?.. cosa ne pensate?..

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