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Added on Wednesday 28 September 2005, 09:32 (BST)

Are you a good graphic designer?  If so, then I would love for someone to design a banner advert (or adverts) that I can put at the top of the web pages at to help encourage votes in the forthcoming Digital Music Awards. 

The "banners" will be used to link to one of two places, so feel free to make any text appropriate for one of the following pages:

  1. The People's Choice Award voting page for direct at the DMA website
  2. A news item at listing all categories that we would like people to vote (both for and

If you want to create a banner, then please feel free to send any designs (550x70 pixels) either as .jpg, .gif (if animated), or in Adobe Photoshop format to me at [email protected]  Please note that I make no guarantees that your design will be used, and the smaller the file size the better (around 20k maximum if possible).

Thank you very much in advance. 

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I'm a graphic/web designer so I will be sending a couple your way later today :)

Cool. Free free to use buffalo man images, cover artwork, whatever to help grab attention (and votes!)

great stuff david! im a graphic design student so will have a go at some designs!! nice one!

Oh, and if anyone wants to make any funky 88x31 pixel "link buttons" (see for an example), please feel free to do so, as I'd like to add some to the site for people to use on their own websites if they wish.

I have a great idea... it will be in your inbox soon :)

Luvin all the banners coming up, they're all soooo very cool. Great work!

sent a few in. hope ya like em!!! woo hoo!!! would love to see them on this site!!

The banners I designed are the pink and white 'Make Your Vote Count' one with all the buffalo men and the black and blue 'love Jamiroquai? love' one!!!

Just to let you know that I've added "Credits" beneath each of the banner images that have made it onto the site. Thank you all for your contributions so far.

hey like ya designs cosmic steph. I'v dun the one in orange and white 'jamiroquai need you'. hope everyone likes! keep voting jamiroquai & funkin

thanks for giving us the chance to have our work on the website!!! cheers!!!

Thank you for all and all my friends vote for You!!!
jean-pierre Marseille France

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