2005 MOBO Awards results

Added on Friday 23 September 2005, 06:49 (BST)

Jamiroquai failed to win the award for "Best Video" in the 2005 Music Of Black Origin (MOBO) Awards, which were held in London on Thursday night. The winner of the award was Snoop Dogg ft. Pharrell with the video for Drop It Like It's Hot.

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yeah its a shitty video!i am glad that it didnt win!jay kay should really think about the qualities of the new videos,and directors!that means not getting joseph kahn who worked with britney,justin,backstreet boys!!bring back the virtual insanity,space cowboy,canned heat quality!!

How can you be glad they didn't win :S Silly...

Totally agree with you ivan! Jamiroquai is a group with creativity and quality. Two words that Snoop doesn't know. Drop ii like it's hot is a good example... well, they (the media) want jamiroquai to become a pop group like all the others. But they fail. Jamiroquai is unique and will stay forever. That's why i'm glad they didn't win this 'prize' which means nothing. cheers

i don't think feels just like it should was jami's best video, but i think it much better than videos from other artists, i dind't saw Drop It Like It's Hot video, but snops dog vids are always the same, girls and cars (mmm feels jus tlike it should/drop it like it's hot? its sound the same!)

shame they didn't win, but drop it like it's hot was a dope song..beat and lyrics. the video was kinda cool too. yep, it had girls in it (but so does every video), but it also had some kids playing drums and was quite funny. love to jami for even being nominated.

I think the video should of one, it was quite of imaginative, and it was way better than drop it like its hot, where they just stand there in black and white!

Same hear the FJLIS vid so should have won. Like with every other Jamiroquai vid, i have such fun watching it, especially in skool in my free lessons (when i should have been working!), having a laugh with my mates. That vid will always remind me of that. Just luv the bits when the candyman appeared, making it way better than Snoop Dogg!

I thisk FJLIS is a "interesting" video.

i think FJLIS win the prize.becoz the fans love the appearences of jay in this video.
i never forget the frst time i see the video...WOW¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
the ''revenge'' of jay start with FJLIS...

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