Meet and Greet Jamiroquai in Salzburg

Added on Thursday 22 September 2005, 11:36 (BST) is running a competition to "Meet and Greet Jamiroquai" and win tickets to their concert on 2 October at the Salzburg Arena in Austria. The competition closes on 29 September and can be found at the website.

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cool for austria fans. has anyone heard of any american 'meet and greets' for the upcoming tour? if so, let us know!

Thanks for the info! Btw, I just found it very funny because is listed as "Jamiroquai Homepage" in the link-section of the oe3-site! :-)) Well done, David!

PS, I guess the concert is on October 2nd.

Arnold: thanks for the comment. I've just updated the news item to put the correct date in there! Maybe if I had more sleep I'd make fewer mistakes on the site! But then we would have less news to read..... hmn.

Wouldn´t have known that if i hadn´t read it here...
Thanks, perhaps the luck will be on my side! you make a great newsupdate-work here!!!

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