Jamiroquai in Berlin

Added on Wednesday 21 September 2005, 22:31 (BST)

Jamiroquai are currently in Berlin (Germany), and after appearing on MTV Germany's TRL-Live show earlier today (there was no performance, just an interview) entertained the crowds at the Berlin Arena.  Here is the set list and photo from the concert, courtesy of Meike from

  1. Canned Heat
  2. Space Cowboy
  3. Cosmic Girl
  4. Revolution 1993
  5. Little L
  6. Seven Days In Sunny June
  7. Love Blind
  8. Use The Force
  9. Black Capricorn Day
  10. Love Foolosophy
  11. (Don't) Give Hate A Chance
  12. Time Won't Wait
  13. Alright
  14. Deeper Underground
Comparing this to the previous two concerts in Germany, Dynamite was the only track that was not performed.
Credit: Meike and Miran Melansek

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poor tracklist.
No Dynamite!!! funny for a Dynamite Tour

Agree with you Akghar! No dynamite for a Dynamite Tour, very strange... And the setlist is always the same since the first show in september. They have 50 perfect songs and they always play the same. Boring...

And I have noticed that they have dropped Starchild a few times in their recent concerts. Why, when it is arguably the best track on Dynamite?

Please, come on, don`t talk about what songs should been on the tracklist and what songs should be droped out. I could also say that if they had played "Black Devil Car" in the middle of the concert, it would have been a cracker... But, this details dosen't matter, because of the fact that I saw some really brilliant musicans rocking the Areana in Berlin yesterday. Remember, Jay Kay isn't twenty but his moves are as good as back in 1992 - or even better.

We always love this marvelous band but we only notice that musically speaking, they don't vary the setlist. During the summer tour, they played many songs, old and new and it was just great: Music of the mind, Too young, mister monn and others. Now there is only few songs of dynamite, not the best, and the old songs are always the same. Jamiroquai is the best group, but for a group so talented, i'm just a little bit disapointed to see that this Dynamite tour is not enough bold. Cheers

i think the songs where optimal mixed! new&old , fast&slow!
the pain in the ass was really NOT the Concert - it was great! but the fucking german "party people".everbody around us was just "standing" around. our celebrating - freak - out was stopt by them with comments like "please stop dancing" and so on. BUT our answer: "just dont go to an concert, watch a film on a dvd, plaese." and went on dancing.

IT WAS GREAT. i love the music, and the man behind it.

was deeper underground an encore track?

Jay Kay was perfect =). I do remember him bit more explosive last time in Berlin, but I loved it any way. He is working hard on the stage and this is what I appriciate most.

Deeper Underground was an encore track.

love jamiroquai!

I will see him in a few weeks in frankfurt....I saw him in 1999 and in 2001...In 1999 it was an absolut perfect show...I saw Jamiroquai the first time and I never saw a dancing man like that before...the setlist was perfect, because they not only play the songs which everybody know...they play songs like Mr. Moon....In 2001, after a new perfect longplayer(AFO)came out, I saw Jamiroquai in Frankfurt again, and I was absolutlely disappointed...a big set-disign, but such a bad performance:no dancing Jay Kay like 1999 and a keyborder(Toby)who can not play his keyboard(they had to start two tracks again)and a small live-band.Jay said sorry after the show and hoped that the people go this year to the festivals to see jamiroquai at a better day....
And now, after the new album (which I really like and the magazines not),I hope to see the band and a Jay Kay like 1999 again...OK, hi is now 35 years old, but I saw at the last Depeche Mode-Tour a Dave Gahan, who was 40 years old and I thought there was a black dressed thunderstorm over 19 tracks...
Now I hope Jay and his band will have a good day in Frankfurt....The only thing which will definately not be the best is the set-list....only 15 songs!!!!They started the tour with 19 songs...and not only the songs, which you heard to often at the radio and on television...Please play MR.Moon!!!See you..........

you forgot the KungFu intro in the Setlist :D

Which KungFu intro....?

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