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Added on Tuesday 20 September 2005, 22:35 (BST)

With Dynamite released today (Tuesday) in North America, news that the domestic release of Feels Just Like It Should will be released in the next few weeks is starting to appear. is currently featuring the "SA-RA Creative Partners Remix" of Feels Just Like It Should on their jukebox, and I have to say I think it is a really cool and groovy remix. were key in linking up SA-RA and Jamiroquai, and Jay personally approved the remix for inclusion on the US release of the single.

Whilst you go and have a listen to the remix at the GianStep website, here are full details of who's behind the mix: 

  • "Feels Just Like It Should" - SA-RA CREATIVE PARTNERS REMIX Feat. -/- SA-RA
  • Produced, Arranged, & Conceived by: THE SA-RA CREATIVE PARTNERS™
  • All Instruments, Programming, and Additional Hook Vocals by: Om'Mas Keith-Shafiq Husayn-Taz Arnold SA-RA Plays: AKAI MPC 3000, Percussion, Electric Guitar, Fender Rhodes, Honer Clavinet C, Wurlitzer Electric Piano, Roland Juno 106, MOOG (THE SOURCE & MICROMOOG), Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, Yamaha SK-30, & Arp String Ensemble
  • Additional Synth Programming: Jesse Wes for SRCP™
  • Engineer: Om'Mas Keith for SRCP™
  • Mix Assistant & Additional Recording: Jesse Wes for SRCP™
  • SA-RA appear courtesy of: SA-RA LLC.

What do you think of the remix?  Why not leave a comment here at 

Credit: Deesha Dyer

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I like it better then original.

The chorus doesn't fit in perfectly, but that's definitely the best remix of the track I've heard so far. I already have a couple of tracks/remixes by SA-RA and they're usually great. No disappointment here...

not the greatest song in the world to begin with, but this is an improvement over the orginal synthier version on the album

uhm...sounds cool but I preffer the original...that chorus don´t go with the song

This is fresh to def.Too bad it isn't on the American version of the album

It's one of those remixes that will be on my playlist for a long time. I'm impressed.

thanks david for doing all that research. i just gave him the info about the remix being up for listening and he got the rest of the info.
oh, and i dig the remix, but to me the original wasn't that bad.

I am impressed! There is a lot of funky, loopy melodies in that, and I find the non-meshing of the chorus and the remix to actually be refreshing. I don't know if I like the breakdown section that ends it though...still, a very admirable effort from SA-RA.

i listened to it about 3 times over the course of the day and i just noticed they took out the 'sugar spice, i'm on the phone' part...that end of that section was my favorite part -i wonder why they eliminated it. oh well, they are the remixers, not me, it's all good. ha!

also, if you all didn't notice, you can scroll down to jamiroquai on the left (giant step library) and listen to the original FJLIS and 3 tracks from late night being 'pretty baby' which is my favorite on that album.

This is a difficult song to remix as is, b/c its pretty awkward sounding originally. However I do really like it, more then the original I think. 2 thumbs up over here in Rochester Ny!!

like the "it feels like it should" loopy bit in the chorus

not sure about the beggining bit lol sounds like a ringtone!!!1


it is so much better than the original!

loses momentum for the last minute, but the rest of it is a really funked out '80s hip hip/R&B jam...they should play this on radio, it would do well...awesome, creative, groovy mix~

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