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The Daily Telegraph newspaper (UK) today (Friday) printed the following review of Jamiroquai's first night of the UK tour, together with a large photo - with the feature taking up half a page in this enourmous "broadsheet" newspaper!  The review reads:

Reliable funk – in a reliably daft hat Jamiroquai – Birmingham NEC, by Andrew Perry He may be the owner of a manor in Buckinghamshire and numerous flash motors, but Jay Kay appeared on the opening night of his first UK tour in three years, wearing a faded black tracksuit, emblazoned with his own logo.

The hat – and there had to be one of those – was even less auspicious, apparently made up of a dollop of ratty fur, with eight black Helix rulers sticking out of it, like a school playground version of an Indian head-dress.

The 35-year-old singer has been through many public trials in recent years – his split from Denise van Outen; frequent scraps with paparazzi; an arrest for driving at 110mph; problems with drugs – and one might have drawn the obvious conclusions from this decline in sartorial standards.  After all, Elle and GQ used to fete him as the world’s leading clothes-horse.

Kay, however, has held firm as one of Britain’s most reliable pop stars.  Though never critically adored, his band, Jamiroquai, have notched up six straight top-three albums in 13 years, and it wasn't hard to see why, as Kay’s unassuming five-piece band and three backing singers meted out a high-class-opening sequence, including the disco-jolly Canned Heat, the acid-jazzy Space Cowboy and then the sugary funk of his latest album's title track, Dynamite.  Between those three genre co-ordinates Jamiroquai expertly marked our their turf, updating it all for the post-rave generation with hi-tech production values, a vaguely druggy veneer and even vaguer politics.

Despite his petulant reputation, Kay was warm and engaging, and his adoring public lapped up his knock-kneed anti-choreography and cheeky patter.

Early on, he invited an unsuspecting birthday girl – a Virgin air stewardess, he claimed – to dance with him on stage during Cosmic Girl.  It was a measure of his easy-going appeal that the guest appeared not embarrassed or humiliated, but to thoroughly enjoy herself.  "Phew," Kay quipped afterwards, "economy will never be the same again."

Equally unexpected were the skull-crushing volume settings.  Those expecting an evening of dreamy Stevie Wonderisms were blasted from their reverie by a long stretch of bludgeoningly heavy funk on Feels Just Like It Should, Black Devil Car and Loveblind.

Under these hyper-loud arena conditions, Virtual Insanity was rendered a clanging, distorted mess, but the band repeatedly hit the spot with breezier glitterball fancies such as Time Won't Wait and Love Foolosophy.

In these moments, Kay shaped up as the people’s king of disco.

Scottish newspaper The Herald published a review of Thursday nights concert at the SECC in Glasgow, Scotland.  If you have found any printed reviews of the UK tour or wish to write any yourself, please feel free to post a comment along with this news item.

Credit: Samantha Yemm

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ah cool! A gr8 review, as per =)

Can someone give us the setlist of Glasgow's night please? It would be very nice!!! :) Cheers

Should be working...but Shhhhhhh - Hmmmm I don't like that review - it didn't capture the atmosphere one Iota - obviously not a fan ---- "Vaguer Politics" - wtf is he talking about? It wasn't a political forum - if this guy bought the albums, read interviews, knew Jamiroquai's roots he'd know that Wednesday night wasn't about trying to save the f***ing world - it was about all the fans getting together and funking the night away.

GRRRRRR- why can't these papers send along real music lovers instead of members of the "I Love Coldplay" society.

back to work.. adios!

Nice words Msp! I agree with you concerning "the I love Coldpaly society"... The good thing is that we can keep Jamiroquai only for us, the real fans who really know who they are!!! Cheers and thanks for your review :)

i was at the nec on wed night and walked out after time won't wait.
i have loved jamiroquai for years and have nearly everything they have ever done but was not impressed.
Maybe it was just me but i felt the sound and whole atmosphere was crap!!
The levelled floors do nothing for a gig and compared to the men it was tiny.
The whole thing was too commercial with sony and the supportband didn't gel , as for the merchandise - come on!! £8 for a keyring and £10 for 5 pages of a programme!
i aws going to go to manchester but why waste my time - moan over.

Russ: thank you very much for your comments. I'm sure there will be many people who have very different opinions but its great to hear all comments, especially when they are constructive and not just "it was rubbish".

Keep funkin

i agree about merchandise being way too expensive. that is all concerts, not just jamiroquai. i feel the same way about concert prices. they are just toooo pricey now a days. anyway, back to the subject - i usually don't read articles or interviews about my favorite artists. it's better that way. ms.p - sometimes the reporters job (i am one) isn't about getting to the true roots of the subject at hand, it's usually to raise controversy, shock people and to be opinionated as possible. most of the time, the reporter gets assigned groups they don't even like. it's happened to me plenty of times. i had to write about nelly one time, when i could care less about him or his music.

Here's another short article about the Glasgow concert...

With Cath Bennett And Beverley Lyons
SATURDAY night came early as funk rockers Jamiroquai turned the SECC into legendary New York club Studio 54 yesterday. Man of many hats Jay Kay partied like it was 1978, throwing himself about the stage as if floating on an invisible skateboard.

"Are you up for it, Scotland?" he shouted before launching into Cosmic Girl. "You should be, you just beat Norway at football."

Halfway through, Jay announced he was staying in Scotland tonight and wondered if he'd get through the night without ending up in the papers. Nope.

Still, with songs like Revolution, Space Cowboy and Dynamite from the new album raising the roof, this white boy knows how to play that funky music

Source: Daily Record

Deesha - I think you should apply for a job with The Telegraph! I hear what you say, BUT BUT BUT - this review is totally biased, in my opinion. "dollop of ratty fur" - that was totally uncalled for. I can't imagine you being a bitchy journalist.

Is there a copy of the photo with this review? Tried to get a copy of the paper on my way home, but we have loads of Telegraph readers in my area and all sold out.

I'll get the photo scanned in hopefully sometime this weekend. I don't think I've ever bought the Telegraph before. I just saw someone reading it on the tube this morning, so had to nudge up close to see what actual paper it was so I knew what to buy on the way to work!

In the extensive survey I carried out (18 months working in that beep beep beeping garage) - I found that The Telegraph readers were the retired folk. You've got a few more years yet!
And well spotted on your way to work!

Last night i went to my very first Jamiroquai gig, and was is absolute awe at the sheer talent!! everyone at the SECC was into the music, and the herald are being totally inaccurate describing it as half empty. The hall was jumping with people of all ages - ive never seen a crowd all dance quite as much!
I have seen a various groups live before, but not many artists can pull off such an energetic and flawless set like that. it was just simply amazing!!

I was there at the SECC too, spot on with the dancing! Eveyone seemed to be having a great time right up to the end :)
I've posted a review on JamiroTalk about it.
Hope everyone going to the other concerts has an equally great time!

Was my thrid time of seeing Jamiroquai, loved it, fantstic show as always, although I can note the points about the sound and merchandise costs!
Was gutted to open the programme, was in very bad taste for the money, I would advise ppl to avoid at £10.
As for concert itself, great stuff, cracking choice of songs, just a pity the band was a bit thin, would like to have seen some brass or something there to fill the gaps on songs like Revolution.

My first Jamiroquai concert at the NEC and it was fantastic. My legs hurt from dancing for two hours. The man himself, the band (much respect to the drummers who drummed like mad!) and the stage set up were excellent. Do agree about prices but isn't that the same at every concert. Other than that it was fandabedozee!!!!!!!

Went to the NEC on Wednesday night for my fourth Jamiroquai concert.

Absolutely flawless musically with every one on stage knowing their job. The band also seemed to be genuinely enjoying the music that they were producing.

Jays's voice was back to it's very best and he seems to be singing with more confidence. I didn't think he was singing that well over the last couple of albums / tours.

The only downside at the NEC gig was the idiots (unfortunately standing next to me) who thought it might be appropriate to kick the shit out of each other at various points in the show. More than slightly Ironic the concluding batlle came during 'Don't give hate a chance'.

Anyhow, Loved every bit of it. I now want tickets for another show on this tour!

who is the support act? any good? going tomorrow night

Here's a review of the Glasgow SECC gig:

Vikster: the support act is El Presidente.

TIME WONT WAIT?!?! I CANT WAIT!! San Francisco! Nov 5!!! Im a true die hard fan from all the Dj Diablo Mixes too the Love Foolosophy Mondo Grosso Mix!! (check it) You In the Uk should know that your blessed to have them as local Greatness!


If anyone's interested, the Manchester (madchester) setlist was, i hope, as follows:

Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Seven Days In Sunny June, Love Blind segue to Use the Force, Black Capricorn Day, Dynamite, Love Foolosophy segue to Main Vein (about 1mins or so) segue to Time Won't Wait, (Don't) Give Hate a Chance, Virtual Insanity, Alright and Encore of Deeper Underground.

had an amazing time, highlights were Deeper Underground and Little L, i woulda like StarChild but was well satisfied!

The Glasgow gig was fantastic. The hall wasn't full but wasn't half empty as reported. I was asked to sit in my seat - I moved into the aisle and contined dancing around - how can you possibly sit at a J'quia gig?? Was great to hear Revolution and Derrick was awesome on drums especially on tha track. Thought the band as a whole were just amazing.It was worth the long tiring journey from Newcastle including a points failure at Edinburgh - just sorry I couldn't get a ticket to go to Manchester aswell.

Manchester review from ManchesterOnline dot co dot uk:

I wrote this at 3am on Sunday am but wanted to share it with you all!... Ive taken out what happened between 2pm and 5pm !

What a night, Amazing, fantastic, out of this world, sensational. It really was that good!

Ive just got in after going back to my friends. Cant sleep just yet and Im not sure if thats because of the drink Jay threw to us... Some MIGHTY athlete power drink haha!

So... Im going to try not to go on but will give you my account of the last few hours!

As MsP reported in her live update... it was only at about 5 - 5.30 more people began to arrive! (The 'early' group actually thought at one point we were at the wrong doors)and the scary thing was, there were 9 doors, all of which the stewards were going to open!

So... The last half hour was tense to say the least the thought of being there since 2pm and being beaten to the front by someone who had just shown up was heart stopping!!

(Just to explain as well,I had to be at the front of this concert, as in 2002 I bought tickets for both Birmingham (standing) and Wembley (sitting) I couldnt make the Birmingham date but my friend still went and they were right at the front. I did go to Wembley and had to hire binoculars! I thought they were joking, until I saw the binocular stand :/)

So, we eventually get in, have to run round to standing doors, have a wrist band put on, Q up again for about 15mins, then the steward walked us down the stairs, holding us back. As soon as we got to the bottom (and each of the stewards pretty much hit the floor at the same time) it was a free for all!

And we made it! Everyone who had been there early, was on the front row.

The concert was simply amazing. I was on such a high. The band performed so well, Mr Kay was on top form and the whole band just looked liked they enjoyed it so much. Its hard to put the experience into words.

We got smiles and nods from all of them, most likely cause they thought I was nuts or the very least on drugs or something (which I wasnt apart from painkillers, which made me REALLY hot too... was wet through...very attractive :/) I just loved being so near, must have been 5 paces away from the stage

I know Ive said this before many times, but I first saw them in 94 when THEY were the support band. I think Im mentioning this yet again, to almost justify to myself, why I feel so strongly about them (and yeah, band members have come and gone but the vibe, passion, funk and talent has never faltered) I looked back on tonight and actually questioned myself if it was normal to feel so strongly about a band?!

Anyway, highlights of the show (to stop me waffling)

*The energy and passion - So great to have them back with the new stuff!

*Bringing the pissed up fella onto the stage who kept heckling for 7 days and then a classic moment where he wouldnt give the microphone back!! but, in front of 12 / 14k people... fair play really for getting up there!

*Jay throwing drinks then coming down to hand them out

*The interaction with the crowd throughout the show

*Jay commenting on how humble he felt the fact we had all showed up to see them etc. and thanking us for coming etc.

*Inviting the girls on stage who made the fantastic hats..Bless um! And again, fair play for getting on stage in a packed arena

*Replacing my Buffalo Man keyring

*FANTASTIC version of Love Blind

*My friend getting some fab pics which I have sent to David if he would like to use them!

*And on a very sad, personal, I need to get a life note... Rob giving me the odd smile and a nod at the end(He loves me, he just doesnt know it yet haha ;))

For everyone who is about to see them...

They are back, as fantastic as they ever were and you are in for a treat.

Make sure you give them the reaction they deserve!!

*Sigh* what a day!!

And now I've just read the Manchester Online review.. if you can call it a review. How dare they... I will be posting to the paper straight away.

That wasn't a review.. that was some dick (am I allowed to say Dick David? cause to be honest, was going to use something far worse...) who clearly doesnt like them... God, it makes me angry.

Nottingham setlist:
Canned Heat
Space Cowboy
Cosmic Girl
Revolution 93'
Seven Days In Sunny June
Little L
Black Capricorn Day (Best Of The Lot!!!)
Love Blind
Love Foolosophy
Travelling Without Moving (Dissapointing as There Was No FJLIS or Virtual Insanity :(
(Dont) Give Hate A Chance (After A Slightly Uncalled Swearfest From Jay About The State Of England And The World...-Fair Point Though)
Alright (Amazing Singalong From The Crowd-My Throat Still Hurts!!!)
Deeper Underground (Encore)

Overall It Was Absoulotly Amazing With Jay And The Band Interacting Well With The Crowd (Getting 2 See Under Derricks Kilt Was Hilarious!)


manchester gig was fab!! got right near the front! was fab! galaxyfunk u have sumed the gig up really gud! like ya say words can not explain how good it was! rock on jay n the crew!!

Well.. whether it gets put on the site or not... this is what I have just sent to manchester online:

So... clearly then your reporter doesnt like Jamiroquai?

I thought reviews were supposed to be a balanced affair? What I have just read is a disgrace.

Jamiroquai come back tour and the gig at MEN on Saturday night was fantastic, sensational, out of this world and blew the fans away

But, Im not here to tell you about that...

Jamiroquai, who by the way, write all their own lyrics and music, have been on our music scene since 1993... Going from strength to strength with talent and passion.

And, if that doesnt gain some respect, you seriously need to employ a better music critic.

Whether you like this style of music or not, you cannot deny the talent of each and every member of the band. Jamiroquai are untouchable.

In my opinion, this band should have headed up the Live8 concert. Not just the fact they are fantastic live and have the ability to whip the crowd into a frenzy (and people thought Robbie Williams was good...) They were banging on about Fair Trade, environmental issues and basic human rights well before bands like Coldplay had even picked up a drum stick. As always... Its a disgrace how they are treated.

Your review, as you can see, angers me. And ok, I am a huge fan but I can tolerate constructive criticism...

What I cant tolerate is a public slaying by someone who clearly hates them. Why on earth do you bother paying them??

Forgot Time Wont Wait! After Love Foolosohpy the Band Kept On Playing,Blending In Samples From main Vein Aswell "What You Gonna do to Stop Me This Time Baby?" Before Playing into Time Wont Wait!!

Sorry Guys


Use The Force lol i keep forgetting stuff from last night!!!!

Went to Nottingham , fantastic gig , light show was amazing , Jay was great , sounded wicked , top atmosphere ,

1 word - outstanding

was on the front row in manchester, I had jay lying down in front of me when the guy in the audience was singin 7 days in sunny june. Absolutely amazing gig, wish I could go again!

I went to the NEC gig, and although they were superb as always, the sound quality wasn't very good at all. I can only compare it with the MEN arena on the AFO tour, where the sound quality was supreme, so is there a fundmental flaw at the NEC with acoustics or the sound system? Also, the fair-weather fans seemed to be getting a bit purturbed with so many of the Dynamite tracks being played, as they clearly didn't know them and wanted some more of the old well known tracks to be played. It was rather odd to be jumping around whilst being surrounded by people standing still with their arms folded; it made me wonder why people had gone at all. My last point is that I think it would have been better with more live musicians on stage and more downbeat numbers, as these, in my opinion account for a major part of Jamiroquai's best tracks.

I was at the NEC gig with my wife and we loved it! Didn't rate the support group but we didn't go to see them anyway.
Jamiroquai were FANTASTIC! I couldn't fault the set list, the sound was fantastic. The bass seemed to wash through us! The light show was awesome and the gig was simply superb. Jay was brilliant, really energetic and warm to the fans, thanking us for turning up!
As for some of the negative reviews.... don't know what they are talking about...
I thought £63 for two tickets was expensive having not been to any gigs for 15 years, but I'd have to say it was worth every penny, and more!

We was at the Nottingham gig and it was absolutly superb lights,sound,the band,Jay's voice everything was first class.At the end of the last song of the set loads of people was making a dash for it what idiots the Deeper Underground encore was simply unbeliveable and had everyone in the place on there feet

First class gig can't wait to see them again

ur all making me excited. Seeing them on 3rd Dec in Sydney. Never been to their concert so am almost bursting. I've got a while yet before I see them, it will be one of the best Christmas gifts.

Cardiff concert (13 September) review:

Cardiff was fantastic, knew it would be. Does anyone know what music was being played in between el presidente and jamiroquai over the loudspeakers? It was really funky and i would love to get my hands on some! please help! x

Went to the Cardiff gig last night and was not dissapointed ! What a night ! Not sure about El Presidente??!!!! Not convinced they were the right kind of warm up band ! But, I loved every minute of Jamiroquai, especially Canned Heat, WOW and Return of the Space Cowboy, infact I loved all of them ! And as for Deeper Underground, well it was stompin !!! Onto another point, before the band came on, there was a little soulful house set in between which I though hit the nail on the head, some quality tunes playing. I don't suppose anyone knows whether that was mixed especially for the tour ?!?!!

Amy, my man is a DJ and plays exactly that type of music. I can send you a CD if you like? NO charge!! Let me know.
Kath .

I'd love it! If i can take your email address, i'll mail you my home address! Thanks! Is he based in Cardiff? x

They must have played the same mix in between acts at the NEC as well, because it was top quality. I can't tell you who did every track, but I know that some were by Joey Negro (real name Dave Lee from the Isle of Wight), and all the tracks were in his set style.

Course you can , it's [email protected] He isnt based in Cardiff but if your ever up London way, he has a couple of dates he is playing in Nov/Dec. Let me know if you ever do London and will send you some flyers.

Definately Joey Negro style Tracy, hit the nail on the head with that one ! - quality ! I think the first track was one called Be Thankful, soooooooo good !!

Cardiff last night, the man has done it again.
Second time iv'e seem them live , the first many moons ago in Bournemouth ,not sure what year unless anybody knows.
Last night - classic old tunes with fresh and funky new.His music moves with the times .
Long live Jamiroquai.

That was my first time, and hopefully wont be my last. They were wicked.

The tune that they entered the stage to was the theme from enter the dragon, but i have not heard that remix before. Does anyone know where i can get a copy of that?

Went to the Nottingham gig and have to say, jamiroquai werent at their best, it maybe the selection of songs, i went to the B-live concert which was in terms of songs like a farewell concert, all the classics!the new stuff is cool, but not classic, although the live version of loveblind was really well cool. Still love em, just wish it was back to basics, which is highly likely as Dynamite is there worst work yet.

i must admit the earlier material is being left out slightly

1 track off the 1st album *Revolution and 1 of the 2nd (space cowboy) i was realy hoping they would do when you gonna learn and mr moon but it was not 2 be

brill anyway


i went to cardiff last night and i thought that the band sounded great,jays voice was amazing,the light show was fantastic,but one thing let myself and everyone i went with was the lack of interaction with the auddience. in my opinion a great front man of a band should always whip the crowd into a frenzy which sadly last night jay didnt which led to a lack of atmosphere. a quick rant about george bush was about it. its no use interacting with two songs left,two hours too late i felt. shame though because i thought that ruined what could have been a fantastic night ! An off day for Mr kay i wonder ?

NEC - Bimingham
Jamiroquai were excellent, had a great time, my legs and back seriously hurt from dancing. Got a bit crushed as near the front, but too busy drooling over Jay Kay to care!! Sounded very good live just like the CD. Well worth the ticket price.

Hi everyone - here's a review of the Cardiff concert by IC Wales...

Review: Jamiroquai Sep 15 2005

Karen Price, Western Mail

Cardiff International Arena

WHEN most people think of acid-jazz, they conjure up thoughts of the portly character John Thompson plays in The Fast Show, Louis Balfour.

Essentially, acid-jazz has never been considered a genre due to its laughable overtones.

Its prominent vanguard, Jamiroquai, have been churning out the hits for more than a decade despite cheap criticism from the music press.

Their main figure of loathing is front-man Jay Kay. Initially touted as a poor man's Stevie Wonder, he has only moved sideways for some, producing lightweight funk jams and struggling for credibility as a white soul artist.

But 13 years on and with six albums under their belt, Jamiroquai have continued to hold mass commercial appeal and Kay's hunger for performing is still formidable.

Opener Canned Heat displayed watertight funk at its best. Wah-wah pedals interweaved with slick guitar hooks drove the insatiable melodies as Kay bolted on stage full of gusto for a nimble 35-year- old. Kay's vocals were pitch perfect, signalling fun but still exhibiting a range of sweet harmonics.

The salvo of ebullient tunes progressed with cult favourite Return Of The Space Cowboy, a hypnotic jaunt into Kay's narcotic world interpreted through mellow keys that built into a collective jam.

Recent single Seven Days In Sunny June had Kay at his breeziest. The infectious strumming coupled with beatific ivories encompassed the soundtrack of the now distant summer.

One justified criticism towards Kay and his accomplished band is the tendency to act on a conditioned reflex, something that has functioned itself into the writing process on recent albums. Though Dynamite and Love Foolosophy are fine cuts separately, their combined efficacy was unnecessary and clocked in at a near half-hour.

Once the extended acid-jazz noodlings were complete, it was time to review the hit singles list and Jamiroquai's signature tune Virtual Insanity still sounded poignant.

The humanitarian subject matter is even more prominent in today's political climate and allowed Kay a diatribe at George W Bush. After a rapturous finale, Kay returned to the stage for a one-song encore.

The bruising Deeper Underground, Jamiroquai's solitary number one, was a lavish way to conclude an exceptional night of music, whatever genre it's filed under.

In the words of Louis Balfour, "Grrrreat!"

We saw Jamiroquai on Sunday at Nottingham,
Being music festival people ourselves we braved our first concert, and absolutely loved it, Jay was amazing we give him top marks and has gone straight to the top of list of must see bands.
10/10 Jay cant wait til your next album.

Went to the Nottingham concert and I agree it was AMAZING!! The sound, lighting and instrumentation was just magic. I happen to love the set list, and would say the best ever. (I am not a big fan of Virtual Insanity, sorry). Even the intro music was good (from his Midnight Tales CD). The best ever JK gig I would say and I've seen a few! I'm hoping to move to Notts soon and look forward to seeing him again at the Ice Arena when up there. Travelling Without Moving was just magic tooooo!!!!! See you all soon. Jules. x

Further to my comment above re the Nottingham gig, did anyone find another block of gents loos there as I only found the one and the queue was silly!

im so sorry karen price but did you go to cardiff or did you just write a load of big word bollox ?


DESPITE - or maybe because of - more than a decade as the public face of Britain's most consistently successful soul/funk band, Jay Kay is still treated with suspicion, and often outright derision. His playboy lifestyle has won him few allies in the press and the unflinchingly retro sound of his music means he will never win any prizes for credibility.

It is true that his latest live show - which is more or less the same as every other show he has ever undertaken, plus a bunch of new variations on a theme to add to the set - never rose beyond pastiche. But it is very good pastiche, rendered by a superb funky band led by keyboard maestro Matt Johnson (not the bloke from The The), and featuring a guitarist who could happily deputise for Chic's Nile Rogers and a trio of fabulous soul sisters on backing vocals.

Then there is Jay Kay himself - part greatest dancer, part slapstick goon, all good singer, with a seemingly boundless stamina. On Thursday, he looked like he was dressed for a jog round the country estate, while also sporting a ridiculous piece of spiked millinery. Ingratiating himself immediately with a reference to Scotland's footballing fortunes, he gambolled tirelessly around the stage like a hyperactive child for the duration of the bumper two-hour set.

Quality control was pretty high. He may be a backward-looking dude but, in never pandering to current trends, Kay has amassed a catalogue which could get a party started anytime anywhere. Revolution, from his debut album, sounded like a dancefloor filler at the blaxploitation disco. Cosmic Girl, still a choice piece of funk bubblegum, pushed all the right feelgood buttons, along with the helplessly catchy, utterly danceable Little L and the glorious glitterball groove of Love Foolosophy.

Many of the new songs stood up in this company. The title track of new album Dynamite has a Nuyorican Soul feel to it, while Seven Days In Sunny June apes those Isley Brothers 70s classics with some success. Kay vented his hippy tendencies on the inferior Don't Give Hate A Chance, which actually sounded derivative of his own material. Fan favourite Virtual Insanity remains a far more fluent state-we're-in protest song, but it was just one of numerous former singles which suggests that the definitive Jamiroquai greatest hits collection, whenever he chooses to call a halt to his whole tribute disco career, will be a corker.


As a 56 year old and having lived through Bowie and the art experience I found the CIA Gig one of the best live performances I have seen. Where does this guy get it from its funk,urban,its future,its jazz its international! and we should be proud he's home grown. Excellent performance one of the best audience/artist rappors I've seen - yes and bloody dame tight for a big sound. Found him via my daughter let me get his back catolgue complete ASP - I've got my car keys in my hand and running for the door.

Will be seeing JayK in Toronto. I've seen him twice before (97' & 99'). Has anybody seen him play "Too young to die" or "When u gonna learn" on the current tour?

Hope that you will include this, as I saw Jamiroquai in Dublin and it's not strictly part of the UK, but anyway.... So good to hear that an older fan THENUFAN went to see JK. I'm 49 my friend 54 and we both thoroughly enjoyed the concert. I've seen Jamiroquai 4 times now and a multitude of other bands along the years, Stones, Brian Adams, Clapton etc. etc.
I would say that Thursday 15th Sept in Dublin was just the best concert I have ever seen. Never seen so many smiling dancing happy people in one place before. The whole place was jumping. JK proved what a showman he is. The music is so lively, upbeat and different to all other bands around today. How can anyone criticise? Converted my friend to Jamiroquai as her favourite band and we'll definately be going again and again!!!

Seen the boys and girls in glasgow and what a night to remember. This was the third time that i've seen them in glasgow and what a marvel it was yet again. Even better than the other two combined. The band sounded as good as ever and the lighting was fantastic. Keep up the good work but would be better if he ventured further north i.e Aberdeen.

Not going to get to see the band this year. The US tour dates don't include the South and I live in Georgia. I'm hoping that maybe this summer they might make their way down South. The last time the band played Georgia was in 1999 and let me tell ya'll, it was a great show. We have been looking forward to their return...but no dice. So, for those of you who are lucky enough to see them. . .ENJOY and dance your hearts out for the Southern Jamiroquai fans in the US. Much love, ally

Not going to get to see the band this year. The US tour dates don't include the South and I live in Georgia. I'm hoping that maybe this summer they might make their way down South. The last time the band played Georgia was in 1999 and let me tell ya'll, it was a great show. We have been looking forward to their return...but no dice. So, for those of you who are lucky enough to see them. . .ENJOY and dance your hearts out for the Southern Jamiroquai fans in the US. Much love, ally

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