USA and Canadian tour on sale dates

Added on Tuesday 06 September 2005, 20:32 (BST)

Tickets for the USA Jamiroquai concert dates will go on sale beginning 10 September at and participating TicketMaster outlets in selected cities.  Please check the TicketMaster site frequently for updated information and details including a complete listing of prices and times for each concert.

Not all of the recently announced tour dates are currently listed so keep checking back for updates.

The Toronto (Canada) date goes on sale on 9 September - with more details available at the HOB website. 

Credit: Deesha Dyer

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i just got the ticket prices for atlantic city.....$43 - $78! $78???? are you serious? that is the most expensive of all the concerts. $78? that's just ridiculous! i love them and all, but $78? good thing i live near AC.

the San francisco ticket is 37.50, but it says it s general admission, so it means I can stand everywhere as long as I get into there quite early??

44.50 (BEFORE charges) for jamiroquai at the fillmore in denver, do they realize they havent been out here in 6 years and that ticketmaster has them classified as "rap and hip-hop" - ummmmm time to rethink the pricing sructure if you want to really graze the aerican market. im gonna have a tough time getting my FRIENDS to go to this, let alone someone who has only heard virtual insanity 8 years ago...

Chicago has some stupid pre sale. I signed up through HOB to be elgiable. But yeah 44.50 after fees for tix
no good. I was trying to make Chicago a big event with a bunch of my friends, but at those prices I think a few friends will drop out. Bummer.

miguel - i am not familiar with the filmore, but that is usually what that means.still get your ticket early.
i've had a nights sleep and i'm still trippin' over this $78.00. there has got to be a catch to that. like dinner or pit standing or something? i agree ben. i think they are worth seeing and spending money on, but these prices are a bit high. that's a shame. i'm still going to go see them, but i can guarantee at these rates, a lot of people have backed out of going. just because they can't afford it. shame.

as i was falling asleep last night something occurred to me - tours have been cancelled due to poor ticket sales before - lets hope this isnt the case with this upcoming tour for jamiroquai....also, im planning on hitting chicago and denver shows if anyone wants to meet up!

I just got my tix for the Chicago show. I am glad I did b/c Chi-Town sells out quickly. I know the tixs will go fast because there are no shows in the Southeast US and that is the closet one. I am coming all the way from Nashville, TN to see them live and it will be worth it. -((RW))

anyone from texas fancy meeting up at the show or in chicago?? I am flying up from houston on the 29th...

I just bought a ticket for the Toronto show today. I only bought a ticket for myself- with taxes and all the other fees included it cost $53.00 (Canadian funds). Admitedly, for a venue with absolutely no seating (Kool Haus), it was a little pricey, in my opinion. The very last live concert I attended was in the exact same venue, for No Doubt's tour in 2002. For that ticket, I paid $28.00. I'm careful with my money, and the $53.00 I spent on the Jamiroquai ticket was a whopping 7% of my last paycheque, most of which goes to buying groceries, paying the rent and paying off my student debt. I certaintly wouldn't spend that kind of money on any musical act, it was the profound love of Jamiroquai'####### I've had for the past ten years or so that motived me solely. When Dynamite came out a couple of months ago, I knew there would be a tour soon, and Jay Kay and the band don't tour North America (Canada in particular) anywhere near as often as I'd like- their last Canadian show was in 1999, for christsakes! Anticipation for a few years motivated me considerably. Charging more than $30 for a ticket in an uncomfortable venue like Kool Haus (as I said, no seating) is a bit much, but Jamiroquai'####### makes it worth it. Oh, if only fandom wasn't so ####### my wallet.

(Anyone who thinks that my complaining about the lack of seating must mean I'm OLD has got to give their head a shake- I'm only 21. It's about time that the music industry realizes that those who are under thirty don't ALL love deafening volumes and mosh pits.)

Anyone who thinks I'm a whiner, I'd like to remind that I was so THRILLED that there is a Toronto date for Jamiroquai's tour. If there wasn't I'd be willing to travel to the United States. It's sad that North America doesn't appreciate Jamiroquai the way that Europe, Asia and South America does.

i got my jamiroquai tickets today through ticketmaster for the nov 9th show in LA 35 bucks! Hurry up their almost sold out!

If your a true fan you wouldnt bitch about the price

Hell if you were a true fan you'd buy two just to keep one mint, so you can frame it with a picture signed by Jay-Kay himself. Which you only obtained by fooling him into thinking that your girlfriend wanted him, because you threw the her panties at him onstage! Ha!

Yeah Suckers! I'm going to Las Vegas, San Francisco 1 & 2, and L.A...oh what?...DEDICATION! No seriously, i am bleeding excited about the NA Tour especially cos there are 4 that I can go to. I never go to concerts and the last one I went to was Jamiroquai at The Greek in 1999. So I have no problem with ticket prices cos with charges each one is about $45 total. Take advantage folks, you won't be sorry. Please enjoy responsibly.....oh by the way I Love Adidas.

bought my concert ticket for chicago yesterday!!! so anyone want to meet up let me know.

Thank goodness I was able to get two ticks for the show in Chicago!!!!!

just bought a pair of tickets for the chicago concert for me a and a friend!!!! we will have to travel all the way from Miami but it's definitely worth it!!!!!! Hey trischelle maybe we can meet up over there if you want. Let me know
Miami, FL

Already picked up my ticket to see them in New York at the new Nokia Theatre. I'm hoping its a good venue, considering its brand new, and fairly small (~2100 person capacity) I think it should make for a great show. Can't wait!

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