USA and Canada tour dates announced

Added on Thursday 01 September 2005, 22:10 (BST) and have today (Thursday) announced the following North America and Canadian tour dates for October and November 2005:

  • 21 Oct 05 (Fri), USA, Atlantic City, House Of Blues
  • 22 Oct 05 (Sat), USA, Boston, Roxy
  • 24 Oct 05 (Mon), USA, New York, Nokia Live
  • 25 Oct 05 (Tue), USA, New York, Nokia Live
  • 27 Oct 05 (Thu), Canada, Montreal, Metropolis
  • 28 Oct 05 (Fri), Canada, Toronto, Kool Haus
  • 30 Oct 05 (Sun), USA, Chicago, Congress Theater
  • 01 Nov 05 (Tue), USA, Denver, Fillmore
  • 03 Nov 05 (Thu), USA, Las Vegas, House Of Blues
  • 05 Nov 05 (Sat), USA, San Francisco, Fillmore
  • 06 Nov 05 (Sun), USA, San Francisco, Fillmore
  • 09 Nov 05 (Wed), USA, Los Angeles, Wiltern
Details of how and where to buy tickets will be posted online at the official website(s) shortly.

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Yes!! I am so happy! I will be going to LA and Vegas. Gamble, Buffets and Jay, what could be better? Thanks for making my day guys. BTW, your performance was awesome in Nice, France. Cruisin in LA...always :)

OMG!!! I can't believe it! After all the horror with Katrina, this just made my week! See ya in Boston in October boys!

Awesome to see Boston on the list...I knew it'd be a tour stop.

im getting the so excited!

cool, can t believe this!

can t wait to go to san francisco!

sooooo excited. i am going to the first four definitely and chicago, and maybe LA...sooooo excited.
'baby i'm not expensive, but tonight, you're taking me!' i'm getting tickets as soon as they go on sale!!

Nokia Theater @ Times Square, NYC... Jamiroquai sponsored by Sony Ericsson... Lets see how the marketing people are going to figure out that one...
At the door you mostlikey need to show photo ID and a Motorola cell-phone..;-)

:( :( :( No Washington DC??!? Well, I love Jamiroquai too much... I will see you guys in Boston and NYC

once again south america and mexico that it's north america either .. is ignored .. why they don`t care about latin fans.. there are more latin fans than Usa & Canada fans .. all because the money .. it makes me very sad .. if i had enough money i'll sure be there in USA.. let's wait another new album in 5 years and hope they remember that there a lot of latin fans .. sad sad sad ..

sooo.... new jersey is 21+ (i'm 19), boston's roxy doesn't list Jamiroquai on their site (and looks 21+), and i have no idea what nokia live in nyc is... :( :( i have been waiting years for Jamiroquai! :( i was going to go up and down the east coast and bbq in the parking lot every show night...

jkny: I would suggest not giving up all hope of a latin american tour. With the last album the band toured for around 18 months. Until the end of 2005, this will be about 7 months of touring with UK, Europe, Japan, Australia and America. There is plenty more time for them to visit South America - lets just hope it is in the plans somewhere. My guess is that they'll see how the US tour goes and then maybe do another North American tour along with South America as well.

I could however be completely wrong!

Hey Jeroen, the whole Nokia/Ericsson thing isnt out of the ordinary. These guys are big companies, and wot better way 2 market your product than in big arena's and with sell out tours? Congrats 2 you guys who will be going see Jamiroquai

jkny - i identify with you. for the past 5 yeas, i'd see them going every else, but here! it was frustrating. i do hope that the boys make it to latin america. the last time they were down there was 1999, i think right? i will say this -- i don't think it has to do all with money. i say that because i remember the past few years them touring places that were a dot on a map and places that weren't very wealthy at all, but had fans, so that was all good. and while we're on that subject - the USA citizens appears to be wealthy, but most are struggling like everyone else to get by. just have hope that they'll come down there. mexico city is an awesome place i visited this summer. i know a jamiroquai concert will be welcomed there.

mike, doing 21+ for venues is taking away all liability for underage drinking, which is one of the biggest reasons that many places get shut down. many venues only sell alcohol on one level, so they can accomodate those under 21. i suggest calling these places and checking. you may get a no, but it's definitely worth the try!

you know....after being up watching the devastation and disrespect of human life after hurricane katrina, this is great news, but all of a sudden the need for me to go to every concert i can is so, so, so irrelevant. really....

Hi There... the Nokia Theater is a brand new venue... The first concert there will be on Oct. 1st. More info at:

According to tickets for the Las Vegas show go on sale Sept. 10th. Still no news on the other venues. Can't wait fot the NYC shows!!!!!!!

last time I saw the at the pavillion center in boston, it`s kick ass they are coming back to boston.
Can`t wait. they are awsome

The dates finally f'n went official!!!!! Finally I can make plans with work!!!! Anyway, I'll be at the Chi-town show, and I have my days of scheduled for the east coast shows, but might re-schedule to accomodate VEGAS BABY!!!!!! This tour will put me in the poor house but it's worth it.

So psyched!!!! See ya in NYC & Boston!! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

dy-no-mite!!!!!!!!!!! well, it's about darn time! after missing the US totally after 2001's awesome 'funk odyssey' album, jason brings the crew back to diver down chi-town for a show 7 days after my 33rd birthday! i can't wait, and neither can chicago, and believe me, i think i speak for all chicago fans when i say, jamiroquai funks the smoothest out there!

well have fun guys, guess i'll see jamiroquai when i can afford a plane ticket.

OMG they are so ignoring the southern states :(

Yeah they are ignoring a lot of places unfortunately... What if New Orleans would have been a stop though???? Makes ya think a little. I'll be making the commute too, because Minneapolis isn't getting a gig either

i noticed that about the southern states also. i wonder why there is no atlanta or miami? i don't think new orleans would have been a stop.

Why do you guys think that if Jamiroquai are doing a tour of the US, that they HAVE to do absolutely every venue possible? Give the guys a break ok?

^no, we (well i) don't think that. calm down. it was just a comment on why they are staying north, when some of the biggest cities and fanbases are south (atlanta, florida). moving on...i can't wait until AC!

only in canada can you dance and break to the slick and slid tunes of JAMIROQUAI! Too bad Latin america wont hear the tunes...

Yes!!!!I was supposed to see the show on the 20th in Duseldorf, but found out im moving ON THE 20TH!talk about bad luck!But my mom swore to GOD she would bring me to one of the U.S. shows NO MATTER what!(i had her sign a contract stating she would). Thank God they are doing Chicago! I found out last night and got yelled at for jumping up and down and yelling at 12:42 in the morning! I LOVE JAMIROQUAI!

hi, Im 17, does any of u guys know if all the shows are gonna be 21+?, that d kill me!

OMG. Since he's not comming to Texas. This Texas brother is flying somewhere to see him...believe that!!!!!!

HOUSTON here!! chicago here i come!!
hey david!!

I hope they play some of their old stuff along with the new.But I'll jam out anyway.Come on you all let's show the rest of the world way we love this band.
In A.C. I'll be drinkin wine killin time just haven me some funkin fun. let's all VIBE!!!!!

Back comment on James Garcia's comment. I'm from LA and saw Jamiro in France. phenomenal!! you guys won't be dissapointed. He plays all his old songs, and songs from his new album. He has so much energy, I don't know how he pulls it off, just looking back at all his dates, it's truly amazing, must be all the tea and ginseng.. :) so fyi, he sounds better in person! I just wish I could score some backstage passes for Vegas. Sucks to be a simpleton! Well I'll be wearing my cute cowgirl hat, and hopefully singing along to "butterfly" my favorite song! ~LD

San Diego CA? what about San Diego???, they always stop here!!!!. Man, we need to support this band in the U>S>. So tired of Hip hop, R&B, let's move to the funk groove!. Sad, Sad, Sad, x 1000


So excited you are hitting Boston! We are going to give you the crowd of your life, so awesome that it will have to be a regular tour stop from here on out. You better believe it.

Holy shit...I'm pissin my pants...they're coming to Chicago!

Hey jay see you in LA!!!!!!!!!!!
Your Brando

Thrilled they're coming to N. America- but what about Vancouver, BC or Seattle WA?!?!?!? I'm choked! Been waiting since 97 for them to return to my area. I'm going to try for San Fran...anyone else?

I will for sure be at the Chicago show... if anyone wants to meet up, hit me on AIM - InvisibleLoser

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