Dynamite US release tracklisting

Added on Thursday 01 September 2005, 07:25 (UTC)
Dynamite US release

The Sony Music Store now lists details of the forthcoming US DualDisc release of Dynamite.  The CD will contain the regular album, including the UK/Japanese only track Time Won't Wait, and the DVD on the reverse will contain the following:

  • The Entire album in Enhanced LPCM stereo
  • Feels Just Like It Should video
  • Making of Feels Just Like It Should music video
  • Interview with Jay Kay about the making of the album

The DVD part of the release will contain a higher quality version (compared with a regular audio CD) of the album, which should be playable on DVD players and some computers.  Unfortunately the album looks like it won't be presented in mult-channel surround sound, and will just be in stereo.  The following quote from the DualDisc page at Wikipedia explains more...

"Because Sony has a high-resolution audio format in the marketplace [Super Audio CD (SACD)] which directly competes with DVD-Audio, Sony Music, as a general rule, only provides 16-bit, 48 kHz sampled LPCM stereophonic (and sometimes Dolby Digital Surround) sound on the DVD side of their DualDiscs. The sound is compatible with any DVD player; however, it does not provide the higher fidelity and resolution of 24-bit DVD-Audio."

Dynamite is scheduled for release in the US on 20 September. Details of the vinyl release of the album are also available at the Sony Music Store site.

Credit: SnoopyJS at Jamirotalk

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