FJLIS Eric Prydz remix

Added on Wednesday 31 August 2005, 22:52 (BST)
Eric Prydz, who is known for the 2004 track "Call On Me" has remixed Feels Just Like It Should.  On the Orange mobile phone website in France, a popup window advertising Jamiroquai ringtones includes a short clip of this unreleased remix.
Credit: Francois Wiart

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i vist the site but i can find the remix...where is?

There should be a list of ringtones listed on the webpage linked from the news item, and it is 7 up from the bottom. The list of ringtones is displayed using Macromedia flash so that may be the problem.

thanks for the answer david, now i go to the site

i have the clip for full download, come onto jamirotalk for details of how to download it.


Hello JamiroFan2000.SOrry but I could not find any topic even any post on the jamirotalk about the prydz remix. Did you get the whole tune?

keep on ...

best regards

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