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Added on Saturday 27 August 2005, 13:07 (BST)

Voting for the BT Digital Music Awards 2005 has just opened, and is registered in "People's Choice Best Music Website Award" category.  If you enjoy visiting this website for the information and downloads and would like to say thank you, then please please register a vote at the Digital Music Awards website.

It only takes a few seconds - you just type your name and email address into a form and press the "vote now" button.  I really want to get this site up high in the results this year so please take a few seconds to vote for

Thank you very much in advance and as soon as the results are announced in a few weeks time, I'll let you know how the site did.

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ah i remember this a few years ago..I practically emailed EVERYONE on my MSN list and encouraged them 2 vote!! Remember the email David? I may still have it to be fair! I'll be doing it again this yr =P

i can't think of any other site that deserves the win. thank you so much david for keeping this going and providing the fans with a place to get information...awesome. thanks!!

Ahh, you're too kind. This is how the site has done in recent years: 2004(81st), 2003(56th), 2002(27th), 2001(288th!), 1998(3rd). I'm not sure what happened on the years in between.

Anyway, any votes would be most appreciated. Surely with a lot of touring just around the corner to help promote a great album, and the number 1 listing this site still has at google (!), we must be able to get quite a few votes in this year. Fingers crossed.

I agree this year this site has to win this year. Its been so important to me, the information is invaluable. I've already voted twice, though i don't know whether im allowed to do that!!! By the way, if u follow the link to vote, then go on the home page for the BT website, scroll down you'll see that u can see the vid for SDISJ!!!

can we vote more than once? :D

Just voted - love this site!

btw... I think you may be able to vote more than once if you use different name & e-mail address!! hehe

yeah,i voted too!last time funkin was relativly high in that competition,i cant remember at which place,lets hope it goes even higher this time!

I've voted too - and want to know the same question as Mr Dance - can we multi vote?


I send this to all me frinds. the site have to win!
go and vote :)

Ive got quite a few votes racked up now....

Hi Dave,
I have voted as much as I could but I think it stops you from multi-voting with the same email address so I emailed the link on to my buddies and we have managed to get forty votes from your funky neighbours in Ireland.I will continue to try and get more, the site is my Bible and for the great time and effort you put into this site its deserves to win.

great site, thanks for the info. well worth the vote.

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