Denver US tourdate announced

Added on Thursday 25 August 2005, 09:17 (BST)

Jamiroquai are set to play at Fillmore Auditorium in Denver, Colorado (US) on Wednesday 2 November.

This has not yet been officially announced/confirmed by Sony/Jamiroquai and came from an stage announcement between acts at another gig in the city on Wednesday night.

Credit: Ben Taylor

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oh my gosh...i am sooooo there. who lives in denver, colorado? i am there! i am there! i can't wait!

Are there any other dates announced yet.

This is the only date that I know of which has been "announced". Please also note that the date has not been officially confirmed by Jamiroquai.

As soon as any dates are officially announced, you should see the details at,, and here at

laura - this is the only date that was unofficially announced. i called and emailed the fillmore to confirm, and haven't heard back anything yet. the date is not listed on their website or sony/bmg or or ticketmaster, so we just wait and see. if they come closer to my home (new york, philly, dc area), i won't go to denver, but atleast this 'unofficial' announcement is a little sunshine in my day. we'll see...

they announced it at red rocks, with some other shows that were *just* announced. it holds 9,150 people, so i dont think they are bluffing - just gotta be patient and let the rest of the dates come out officially. im STOKED :)

This is encouraging news. They have had the dates for the U.S. tour posted for awhile but no locations to go with them. Hopefully more announcements will be coming soon. The other thing is too, they are playing Denver. A big city, but by no means NY, Chicago, or L.A. It gives me hope that they might stop in Minneapolis. Peace!

SNAP! I hope they come to Portland, or at least Seattle! If Jamiroquai are planning to start touring the US in October, then they better start promoting that shiet NOW and announce the dates/cities!!!

Coming to Florida

It's less than a month to the album release, and I haven't heard hide nor hair of Jamiroquai on the radio...we need more promotion of the album! I sure hope they come to Boston!

Here's hoping they come back to Atlanta!

I have seen Jamiroquai every time they've been in NYC and I can't wait to see them again!I contemplated flying to Europe to see them in Spain, but then the Spanish cancellations made me hesitant. In any case, I'm ready for some Jay-Kay and I will be wearing a major outfit to celebrate his stateside arrival.

you know it would be nice to see him in LA or San Diego;i know we can forget about him coming to phoenix.

i totally believe you ben - - there is probably just some 'red tape' they are getting through with it all...and a contractual obligation from the venue not to release any official announcement. they emailed me this back tonight...we shall wait and see!!

Hello Deesha,

As of now, the date and venue of Jamiroquai is not yet announced. However, you are able to refer to or for any up to date concert information.

The Fillmore Auditorium

get a pic of us Southamerican fans... we never even get the chance of being nervous about Tours... sniff sniff... and I got to spend 2 years living in teh Big Apple. when no news were heard. Still they rocked Montevideo, Uruguay few years ago!!!!

Actually they said November 1 in Denver

If Jamiroquai play anywhere on the west coast ... I'm there and my wife too. The wet coast (Seattle/Portland) even better.

did they steven? ah well, plus or minus one day, i know they said jamiroquai though. :)

Yep at Jack Johnson announced nov 1, its been a long time

6 years!

i missed your tour in holland,and australie is to far away. So my question is (because i can not found it on your website), when are you coming back to europe ??
Especially (near) Amsterdam ??? Please give me a answer or a tour route, i love your music, and al do i am a growing up women, i feel like a child when i listen to your music !!! Keep going this way, lot's of love from amsterdam, and esspecialy lot's of love from me to you XXXXXXXXX

I am so glad that I live in the NYC Metro area because I have been waiting for them to come back here since 2001!!!! I can't wait until the dates are announced and Sony BMG need to get their music played on radio stations in this area.

I caught them here in Detroit almost 5 years ago and have been feigning eversince. If they are ANYWHERE within 5 hours or a cheap plane ticket, I am there!!

--> K

please please please tell me they are playing nyc, bosotn and philly cuz on the real myself and my best friend are about to become a chance to see them in twenty-zero-one and it was official business they were so perfect!!! so please hook it up with some east coast dates!!!! funk on starchild...

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