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Added on Monday 29 August 2005, 08:20 (BST)

Diego, one of the regulars at the forums has recently spent many hours collating information about all of Jamiroquai's music and history into a (concise) history and detailed information post about Jamiroquai, covering history, music, awards, videos, etc. etc.

There's a lot of great information here all in one place, so why not head over to Jamirotalk and have a read... 

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Very very good information! This men has made a great job! Thanks mister Diego!!!

Picture of my life, this bit of info suits this diego, this is his life and a tad bit sad if you ask me, get a life comes to mind.

Nah this is a great resource. Thanks Diego for going to the effort of putting all this information in one place.

GETALIFE, I already have my life, I only took some of my free time to make that post. Thanks to the ones who liked it.

It must of been hard to collect all this and put it together but it was worth the effort cos i love it. Thanx Diego, this i what being a Jamiroquai fan is about, helping other fans by sharing the knowledge and info they have on the band (like this site does!)

its not a bad post...cud do with a bit more here and there. Mediocre at best. Thanks anyway

lol "get a life" diego just doesnt sit around and do jamiroquai stuff.. Its a great resource and much effort was put into it and deserves a big thumbs up!!!

how's a typical day in the life of diego?
do you have a job? a work? do you study?
tell me more about you honey ;)

wow..... this must have taken u quite a long time ey....

but like how long did this take u?

Why dont you ask him questions via the PM system on or via the actual thread on that site?

It's ok, I'll answer! Lissa, I study graphic design and like 2 months ago I started to collect all Jamiroquai info. I had things like were each album was recorded, but I didn't know who played what in each song. That was the most difficult thing to do! I would like to say that I used the funkin site, digital discography, Jamirokaki's 'Tune Stories' and a few more articles I had. I'm glad you liked it.

a life, right, you collected info from many sites and put it as your own basically, much of this info is on the albums inserts, and other places, nout new just all together, sooo... what u wanting, a medel

In the post at Diego writes the following:

"Sources: The Funkin Site, Articles Archive, Digital Insanity Discography, Jamirokaki's Tune Stories, and myself!"

I do not believe he has posted it claiming to be his own - he has just collated a lot of information from different places and put it into a single (long) virtual "document", and politely credited his sources.

then why post it if its already online, fair doos its now all in one place but what's been said is not new and to be fair anyone could have done it

dave, is truth the video feels just like it should have 3 different versions?
i want know how find the another versions
one of this versions is in

Mr.Az: i don't know anything about the different versions. You would probably have to search jamirotalk forums to see if this has been discussed - which I guess it has.

Yeah, is pretty much like David said, I collected info, but some of which I ADDED of course, otherwise it wouldn't be interesting for me to do! As long as I know, Mr. Az, I discovered 3 different versions: one of them has the different middle part (music) and the other two have different editing where Jay hangs on the Cadillac.

diego, u can tell me where i can find the other 2 versions of this video?

feel da funky!!!!!!!!

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